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Youth Services


"I would like to suggest that we take our children under our wing, to nurture and educate them to join forces with other youth from around the world, regardless of geographic location, culture or race."

We are presently in the fundraising time period for 2005 calendar. Soon you will see a listing of the events that will be taking place over the next couple of years.

The funding for these programs comes from the generous donations from corporations and government grants, as well as profits derived from the sales of product lines through CarLou Interactive Media and Publishing.

We are committed to find the most excellent of youth to represent our foundation. The role of a Senior Youth Ambassador is to be taken seriously. The experience can launch future lives in a positive direction, as well as youth can then become mentors to their younger peers, which helps kids of all ages to become more aware "earth" citizens and guide them towards making responsible choices in their lives.

Senior Youth Ambassadors must provide a vision statement of their program, as well as fill out the appropriate application for scholarships and grants.

The Senior Youth Ambassadors are chosen for academic merit and their dedication to humanitarian and environmental issues. They work collaboratively with the World Trust Foundation to discover new ways to tackle issues that surround us in the arena of clean energy, global warming, endangered species and social issues/human rights, all while discovering actions to be implemented in their own communities.

Senior Youth Ambassadors will be selected in various countries to dialogue with experts, governmental leaders, and organizations in a process of creative collaboration to solve problems and construct new ideas and plans for action.

At this time, the 2004 calendar is closed.

If there is something that you see in the calendar that fits your passion, please feel free to send an email to tess@worldtrust.org. We will keep your email on file and alert you when the scholarship application process has begun for the new calendar year.

If you would like to sponsor a youth from your community for any of the upcoming programs, please also send an email to tess@worldtrust.org.

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