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Youth Services


"We are aware that crossing the barriers of cultures is a pinnacle point for positive change in the world, especially in light of the current condition in the world."

The Youth Ambassador Program is the flagship program of the World Trust Foundation. The purpose is to foster and empower youth and to connect them on a global scale.

This non-exclusive program launched on Earth Day 2000 (sponsored by AT&T) and has progressively been gaining speed. Since its inception, we have been able to make a positive impact on many youth. However, in 2005 the numbers of youth will exponentially grow, due to marketing to our national and international partnerships. YAP can reach a diverse group of young people to encourage them to connect with each other through a television series set to be released, linking youth through television, internet and the classroom.

As a Youth Ambassador, students from around the world are empowered to make a difference in their own community, or reach out to make an impact on a global scale.

Through our Youth Ambassador Program we connect the world through streaming technologies, web-casts, video-conferencing, live-satellite feeds, to connect the virtual classroom for students to interact live and learn about other cultures from around the world. We produce entertaining and compelling content that can be re-purposed for our interactive television series and educational programming.

Convergence media enables youth to come together in "REAL TIME" on the Internet for safe communication with other cultures. This is a chance for students to develop online communities with those who have a computer in their home, school, or village. They are able to participate in our community site, in chat rooms, exchange e-mail, as well as build their own web sites.

This program includes culture, communication, environment, technology and education. We involve youth in conferences and forums that speak on human rights, social issues, endangered species and environmental solutions. We have mapped out the next three years of programming for youth to discover solutions for global warming, study politics, science, math and language arts; along with creating projects that bring music and art back into the schools.

Through our educational programming we distribute and promote a forum in which youth worldwide learn, explore and act together in ways, which facilitate that our planet remains a safe and healthy place to live for many generations to come.

How can we do this?

The World Trust Foundation has partnerships with schools and organizations nationally and internationally, who are working on like-minded projects to help make the world a better place.

The use of technology is an important aspect to bridging cultures, by also utilizing sources that are familiar to teens, (i.e. chat rooms, instant messaging, video conferencing, blogging, etc). Also, through creating a television series and interactive programming, we are able to connect them to the internet and their classroom where they can experience travel adventures connected to the curriculum of the classroom.

A teacher alliance, out of the University of Denver, is on hand to make sure our programming is sufficient to the standards of American Education, dictated by the individual states and the nation.

Our research to date has shown that kids are most excited about this program because of their curiosity about other cultures. They want to explore, learn and share what they know and how they feel. This program is a way to empower them and give them the ability to carry out their dreams they may not have realized on their own.

The Youth Ambassador Program is the foundation for a multi-level, educational, interactive series, to bring cultures together for fun and educational programming.

This program has two levels of involvement.

Level One:

EARTH HEROES are ages 7-17, who are self-starters and easily motivated to participate in programs that are set up in their community, or encouraged to begin a program on their own. Once they have accomplished a task that makes their community a better place, they can enroll to receive a free EARTH HERO button and a certificate of participation.

Some examples of other EARTH HEROES are: cleaned up parks and water sources, created a recycling club in their school, helped their parents recycle in their homes, volunteered at a local retirement home, helped find lost pets a home, donated time to paint a mural at the local community center.

If you are an Earth Hero, please send a one page description, your contact information, along with a photograph to earthhero@worldtrust.org.

Level Two:

YOUTH AMBASSADORS are ages of 18-25. They can apply to be a Youth Ambassador of a particular category, which piques their interest and aligns with their passion.

Youth Ambassador Categories:

  • Social Change
  • Environment
  • Animal & Marine Life Preservation
  • Science & Technology
  • Arts & Music Culture

Youth Ambassadors are able to apply for scholarships to attend a youth related conferences. (see CALENDAR)

Senior Youth Ambassadors can apply for grants in 2005 to develop programs in their own communities, or by co-creating programs on a larger scale, by connecting with youth from other countries that might have similar interests.

Click here to see a few examples of our Youth Ambassadors and the history of our program since Earth Day 2000.

YAPTV.org is the interactive web site (soon to be launched) geared towards involving youth to join our Youth Ambassador Program. The web site will be a robust and active site including contests, games and e-learning elements. The "Youth Ambassador Program" is a non-exclusive club for Youth from all cultures to get involved in community and global outreach initiatives and projects.

The community link on the web site will enable youth to participate in 3-D chat rooms and create online mosaic art. Any student from around the world can join on-line to be a Youth Ambassador.

The Adventures of Dean & JoJo" is an interactive television series to be launched in 2005.

The purpose of the "The Adventures of Dean & JoJo" television series and the web site is to connect youth from all cultures, to give them an opportunity to co-create the programming with youth from various countries around the world.

Annie Bird from Santa Monica College, became our first "Senior Youth Ambassador for Social Change." She attended the "YES!" Youth Empowerment Summit at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, which made an enormous impact in her life for the direction she is intending to go, with regard to a political career. After her experience that summer, she was able to obtain an internship with a congress person in Washington D.C. this past summer. Annie currently sits on several student council boards at her college and is looking to continue her education and experience in the political arena.

"The experience that I had as the first "Youth Ambassador for Social Change" was empowering and life changing. From that day in 2000, I have continued to strive to be an advocate for positive social change through international human rights activism - of which I have been involved with ever since."

- Annie Bird - Berkeley, CA
Debra Jarrett (Senior in High School) was named the "Youth Ambassador for the Environment" for her work in her school, where she created and ran the recycling program. Debra passionately moved this program through her school, where it still exists today. Debra is currently completing her first year at USC.
Aaron Yamagata (eleven-year old boy, who is ready to graduate high school) was recognized and named a "Youth Ambassador for the Environment" for his amazing artistic abilities and scholar status in his school and in the industry as a young performer and spokesperson for various charities. Aaron is frequently recognized for his talents and was recently on the Today Show to unveil his new art.

Our Youth Ambassadors were honored on the www.amazingkids.org site.

If you would like to sponsor a Youth, please send email to WTF@worldtrust.org and we will send you the application to nominate a youth in your area and a secure place to send your generous contribution.

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