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Youth Services


"Education shall be directed to the full development of the human personality and to the strengthening of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms. It shall promote understanding, tolerance and friendship among all nations, racial or religious groups, and shall further the activities of the United Nations for the maintenance of peace."


November 6th, 2004 marks the first annual event for youth to participate in the World Affairs Challenge.

World Trust Foundation, in partnership with United Nations Foundation and the University of Denver, hosted the event at the University of Southern California (USC) for a day-long workshop and competition for middle school and high school students, to discuss important topics, such as this years theme, THE RIGHTS OF THE CHILD.

Each school formed a team of 7-12 students. Each team was given the appropriate guidelines and curriculum to prepare them for the day of competition, as they created a 15-minute presentation, which was put before a panel of judges, made up of community leaders. The students were also given a Global Awareness Quiz, as well as they will be broken down into smaller teams, mixed with students from other schools, for the Collaborative Question.

The day concluded with prizes to the winning team and a way to unite these youth and guide them to understand their rights in the world.

This program has been under the University of Denver since 1991. The World Trust Foundation is honored to be the first time producers of this event in the Los Angeles area. We are looking forward to rejoining this years participants, as well as many others in the Spring 2006 competition.

If you are interested in having your school be on the roster for the day, please write to: tess@worldtrust.org.

Quotes from WAC

"We feel this is an excellent time for youth to speak out on important issues, as well as present them with an opportunity that will be an asset to their education and their future. It is also a chance to bring cross diversity schools together to meet each other on a common ground, while offering community leaders to give back to the children. It was a winning day all around. With the support of the Los Angeles School district, it is our hope that we can continue this program for many years to come."

Tess Cacciatore
Founder/Executive Director

Here are a few quotes from our judges, teachers and students from the day.

Dear Tess,

Please express my sincere congratulations to your staff, volunteers and organizers of the World Affairs Challenge in which I participated today. What a remarkable experience!

Clearly the students were well prepared and took tremendous pride in their accomplishments. I was particularly impressed by the knowledge they demonstrated about human rights situations facing youth today.

Once again thank you and hearty congratulations!

Kind regards,

Mary Shuttleworth
International Director

Dear Tess,

I felt safe, among friends with the fellow judges and the lovely, comforting leadership of the event. For the first time, I felt I was among an institutionalized group of intelligent people who understand that we learn through interaction, process, talking, experience, rules and regulations all in equal parts, not just conformation to rules that someone else sets up that we never fully understand and leave the experience feeling stupid, having failed to really reach youth, having failed the cause. I felt empowered, encouraged, able to continue sifting and get back to others who are doing the same thing so we can find a few yellow bricks and start aiming them at Kansas as we walk through OZ trying to find our way in the great winds of rapidly advancing change and knowledge in the areas of the internet, genome and solar power. May god bless us all and keep us together in this important work!

Love, Lynn

Lynn Crandall
University of Southern California
Institute of Genetic Medicine - Arts and Culture

Dear Tess,

It was such an honor to participate as a judge for the World Affairs Challenge. The entire day was incredible, from your excellent training for the judges to the very end of the Awards Ceremonies. The students were outstanding in their creativity, depth of thought, energy, and sincerity. I didn't want the day to end. Having the opportunity to interact with the students enriched the experience for all involved.

The students and Wilda Spalding were so inspiring. I truly believe that this experience will have the most positive effect on each participant's life, students and judges.

I sincerely believe that this extraordinary program should definitely continue and be offered to as many students as possible. Thank you for all of your wonderful work.


Judith Harris


"Participating in the World Affairs Challenge was a unique, challenging, and fun. My knowledge about AIDS and AIDS orphans has greatly expanded, and meeting new people during the collaborative question was a valuable experience."

- Asha, Marlborough School

"The memories I gained from the World Affairs Challenge will never be forgotten....Discussing the topics of the world with students from different schools was great."

- Ariana, Marlborough School

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