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Youth Services


Arts-In-Action is a program dedicated to bringing music and arts back into the schools, developing on-line art programs to allow youth to collaborate in music, poetry and art worldwide, as well as developing community outreach "creativity camps" in and around the Los Angeles area.

If you are interested in having your poetry or short stories published on our CarLou Media and Publishing site, submit here.

Young Filmmakers Program
Los Angeles, 2004

The Young Filmmakers Program strives for excellence in its abilities to teach some of the leading innovations in the entertainment industry, as well as lead each student down a new path of hope. Most importantly the Young Filmmakers Program encourages young people in today's society to become pro-active in taking responsibility for their future.

The Young Filmmakers Program was created as an outreach program for students ages 12-18 that have a sincere interest in pursuing careers in the entertainment industry. There are children in this country, regardless of race, ethnic background, or creed that need guidance, a chance to discover their passions, their reasons for being, in ways that aren't self-destructive but in ways that foster hope. Hope for a future... their future.

To date, we have successfully completed a program, which partnered up with Art Shares LA www.artsharela.org and the Los Angeles Probation Department, to work with youth from East LA.

This six-week course taught creative writing and self-expression, mixed with filmmaking skills. The outcome to this program was a student produced Public Service Announcement that has the message of anti-violence and having respect to fellow citizens.

We look forward to building out the program and in the coming years.

Scenes from PSA shoot in Downtown LA

Creativity Camps

In 2002 the World Trust Foundation partnered with, "Return to Freedom" where we took a cross-cultural youth group to the Wild Horse Sanctuary for a day long retreat.

Through the day, the youth were taught leadership skills, while using art and music to empower their experience.

Return to Freedom is dedicated to saving The American Wild Horse, ensuring its freedom and diversity for generations to come. As a solution-based organization, they are committed to the protection of horses who need us now while we continue to present solutions for the future.


Visit www.returntofreedom.org to learn more about the Wild Horse Sanctuary.

The World Trust Foundation was invited to have several Youth Ambassadors attend a special weekend at Return To Freedom. A TV crew was on hand to film the day and our youth were premiered on an Animal Planet special to promote the release of "Spirit- Stallion of the Cimerron" produced by DreamWorks.


What is a Creativity Camp?

The camps provide a place for students to connect with others in the Los Angeles area, while creating projects that will be displayed on the web site and made into interactive educational programming elements for our Youth Ambassador Program. This enables youth from around the world to attend the camps virtually, as well as attend in person one day in the future.

The Creativity Camps showcase environmental solutions and teach the youth about how they can help with regard to the environment, as well as become Youth Ambassadors for the World Trust Foundation. The Arts-In-Action program also connects youth on-line for collaborative and creative projects.

If you are a school or youth and want to participate in our creativity camps, please write to: tess@worldtrust.org

Arts in Action Highlight

Sheenway Cultural Art Center is an educational program for children in the Los Angeles community of Watts and South Central Los Angeles, where children are threatened by the violence that grows out of economic desperation and racism. Dolores Sheen, cofounder of the school, teaches critical skills to expand children's life options. "Aunt Dolores", as the students call her, believes that education should encourage a child to develop totally; she supplements academic work with creative, experiential lessons in social survival skills and personal responsibility.(www.sheenway.org)

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