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Programs and partnerships are the driving force behind the World Trust. This is the glue that helps unite the youth and keep them on the right track.

The World Trust Foundation is dedicated to collaborating with organizations and educators to work together to establish ways to bring technology and education to those areas of the world that have not have the resources thus far.

The desire and focus is to work with worldwide organizations that are bridging the digital divide already and to support them in their efforts. It is not our purpose to re-create the wheel, but to work collaboratively with those that are on a similar mission.

Our programs are divided into 2 categories: Education and Entertainment (Edu-tainment).


Through our partnership with I-TV, we are launching a television series that is set to connect youth worldwide through the "Adventures of Dean & JoJo."

"The Adventures of Dean & JoJo!" includes culture, communication, environment, technology and education. The series connects youth from all cultures, along with interaction with the animal kingdom, through JoJo - the bottle-nose dolphin from Turks and Caicos.

Dean Bernal is a marine biologist and marine animal activist. JoJo is one of the few dolphins around the world who voluntarily interacts with human beings in his own natural habitat. Much loved by islanders and visitors alike, the government of the Turks and Caicos Islands has proclaimed JoJo a 'National Treasure'.

"By becoming familiar with the life and purpose of a single lone dolphin, we have created a greater understanding of compassion and companionship amongst humanity and all species. Thus, a greater consciousness amongst all life."

- Dean Bernal

Permission use of all images and photographs from JoJo dolphin archive: www.jojodolphin.org


Directors of the Youth Ambassador Program have the ability to assist in the creation of an educational forum comprised of educators, environmental experts, and Youth Ambassadors to approve and review educational objectives and content.

The World Trust Foundation identifies and selects partners for the development, broadcast, and distribution of the educational programming including the television series, Public Service Announcements, Internet educational channel, video, interactive CD Rom, lesson plans, and print material. Timelines and implementation phases are currently in process.

The final determination of focus and priorities of the "Youth Ambassador Program" is determined by the World Trust Foundation Board.

Educational Partners for Content Distribution:

On the international scale, we have created non-exclusive partnerships with the following organizations to provide educational components and give outreach opportunities to allow students to participate in fun and fulfilling classroom criteria.

Roots & Shoots
(Jane Goodall Institutes - School Program)

(International Education Resource Network)


"YAP!" connects to the virtual classroom and E-Learning programs to build the membership drive to this global non-exclusive club called the Youth Ambassador Program.

The intranet site allows teachers to communicate with parents, students and family members, to create a safe place for students to have a positive educational experience. Production teams and educators will work together to create content for the classroom, to allow for the World Trust

Trees for Life

It is our goal to remain socially and environmentally responsible, while producing programming that will make an impact for youth on an internationals scale. Therefore, we are partnered with Future Forests, located in London England.

By becoming a Carbon Neutral Company, we can regulate the amount of resources that we use, as well as become accountable to what we do with these resources to help with the Co2 emissions that are put into our precious environment, that will one day make a positive shift on the plane to ensure a safe place for our future generations to live.

Youth Speak Out

We believe that a child should be seen and a child should be heard. Many lessons in life are learned from the wisdom of the children's innocent and wise perspective. This is why we created a program called, YOUTH SPEAK OUT.

Check out our YOUTH SPEAK OUT section where you can read some of the thoughts of brilliant young minds.

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