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The World Trust Foundation (WTF) was created to collaborate with and support these like-minded organizations that, like us, work to make the world more joyous, cooperative and peaceful. WTF thanks these organizations for their hard work and we recognize them as partners in our cause. We hope that our relationship grows for years to come.

Through our efforts, we have the ability to shine a spotlight on organizations and individuals around the world, who are working to improve conditions in their communities.

If you would like to be considered as a part of our global community and coalition, please submit your organization, mission statement, and URL to the following: wtf@worldtrust.org

The coalition is outlined in the same five categories as the Youth Ambassador Program.


Amazon Watch
Coalition for Clean Air
Earth Day Los Angeles
Eco Station
Planetary Coral Reef Foundation
Sierra Club
Tree People

Social Change

Communities In Schools
Feed the Children
Future Trust
Jane Goodall Institute - Roots and Shoots Program
L.A. Shares
Medicines for Nepal - Give Back
Peace Kids
Red Road Organization

Animal and Marine Life Preservation

JoJo the Dolphin
Living Oceans
Return to Freedom
Shamballa Preserve

Science and Technology

Global Nomads Group

Music and the Arts

Amazing Kids
Art Share Los Angeles
Peace Kids International
SheenWay Cultural Arts Center
Tribes Project - Seattle
University of Southern California - Institute of Genetic Medicine - Arts and Culture
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