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World Trust Foundation Teams with SVC ...

... and live-satellite feeds to create virtual classrooms for students to interact with other cultures around the world," said Tess Cacciatore, WTF Founder and...


Tsunami Relief Fund - written by Tess Cacciatore

December 2005 marked the first annual GLOBAL QUEST FOR PEACE CONFERENCE, held in Bali, Indonesia. For me this conference was life-changing and culturally rich in every way. My heart really connected to the people there, as well as to the people from many countries, who attended the conference on behalf of pursuing peaceful resolutions.

Some times it takes a disaster to bring people together, much like the global stillness on September 11, 2001. These days are no different… except for the culprit of this current disaster is mother nature herself.

Could this be a special message for us all to take care of our precious planet earth?

Needless to say, there was a deafening silence once again… as those of us all over the world watched in shock as the details came over the airwaves that an earthquake had caused a tsunami, which in turn damaged, killed, abandoned, plumaged, devastated the beautiful coast lines of several places that touch the Indian Ocean.

As we go on with our daily lives in our protected homes, we witness the numbers of deaths rising and watch the faces of injured people who are facing death with impending starvation and water contamination. Or, we also see the eyes of innocent children, searching for their parents and siblings who will never return.

What can we do?

There are plenty of wonderful organizations who have already come to the rescue, as well as many countries that have sent money to the needed areas. However, there is still so much to do and these efforts will take a lot of commitment on our part.

Once the media has turned its attention to other items in the news and the cameras have turned off, what will happen to these areas that need our help to rebuild? Perhaps this is our chance to make a long-lasting impact and feel good about helping those in need.

What is World Trust Foundation committed to do?

We are beginning a 2-prong fundraising program that fits with our mission of bridging cultures and connecting children around the world. Both of these programs will raise funds, which in turn will give 95% of the monies raised directly to restoring the villages and helping the people who are affected. Also, in light of our vision to collaborate rather than compete, we are developing these programs in tandem with other like-minded organizations.

Our first effort is to raise money to build a village in Sri Lanka. Why Sri Lanka, when there are several other places that need our help? We feel that once this pilot program is underway, that there will be opportunities to take this program to other areas that were seriously affected by the disasters.

How do you propose to do such an undertaking?

As said, we insist on working and collaborating with quality, like-minded people and organizations and this is no different. We are on a core committee, which is beginning to meet on January 13th, to begin the plans of fundraising and to solidify the vision of transformating the devastation to a place of hope for the many displaced people.

These efforts will take hours, months and years of hard work and determination… and we're ready to take this on. A Buddhist Temple, (Dharma Vijaya Buddhist Vihara) based in Los Angeles, CA, run by Reverend Walpola Piyananda, will lead our coalition of organizations who are committed to making this a success.

Currently Reverend Piyananda is working with the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka to set the course. They are in the initial phases of adopting villages to rebuild. They are working on housing designs that can be built for approximately $1,000 a home. We are committed to rebuild at least 1 village of 450 homes. In round numbers our goal is to get 1,500 people to commit at least $25 a month for a least one year. When our goal is reached, we will raise $450,000, therefore creating 450 homes.

Of course there are different ways to divide up the $450,000 commitment, by larger monthly contributions which will help us realize this goal even faster. The fund is set up to take automatic monthly deductions from credit cards or bank accounts.

The Prime Minister¹s office is working to determine the name of the village our group will build. As soon as this is determined, then a separate account will be created under the name of the village. Each member of our fundraising program will recieve a monthly newsletter giving details of the progress, with accompanying photos of the houses as they are built.

We are also working with our partners out of Colorado, who can potentially help us create the village to be run by solar energy. It is our hope that this vision will be underway in a very short period of time and we can then lend to making a positive impact on those who have been greatly impacted.

There is also the vision that one day in the future there will be beautiful trees grown, the sounds of laughter will come from children, as time will hopefully heal their wounds. You and I will be able to walk through this village and know that we did something to make a difference to so many people in need.

Please let us know what you would like to commit on a monthly basis, or if you want to make a one time donation. Every cent will help.

Our second fundraising effort is to empower children of the Los Angeles area, so they feel like they are making a difference.

A local school in the Calabassas, CA area is committed to raise money to send down to the needed areas. Keeping in line with our commitment to bridge cultures and connect youth, this is our way to assist the students of LA to begin a grassroots program that includes creating a colored banded bracelets to show their involvement and commitment to the cause.

These bracelets, much like the Lance Armstrong yellow, will show the world that kids care and can make positive changes.

All schools are welcome to participate. If your school wants to be involved, please write to tess@worldtrust.org and let us know.

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CarLou Interactive Media & Publishing

Fall 2004, CarLou Interactive Media & Publishing is launching the for-profit arm to raise funds for the YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP FUND - to assist with youth reachign their goals to continue their education, participate in a global conference or participate in goal-orientated programs that help other youth, the environment or animal preservation.

The first release, BELLA WISHES, is a fun-loving book for young girls, to instill the message of the importance of dance and exercise, to creatively express themselves, and to understand the value of a strong body image from an early age. BELLA WISHES, is a toe-tapping, finger-snapping, belly dancing hippopotomus, who dances from page to page. At the end of hte book, there is a CD for girls to play the theme song for hours of enjoyment and dance. The second track on the CD is the narration of the book to help those learning to read.

Ancillary merchandise is coming in Spring/Summer 2005 - with a matching 30 minute dance exercise DVD, aloing with a fashionable, durable exerise clothing line. Proceeds from these products and all products will go to the YOUTH SCHOLARSHIP FUND, to help World Trust Foundation create sustainable revenue streams.

In the line of helping out with the environment, CarLou Media is partnered with Future Forest in London England, to assess the Co2 emmissions put out by the producton of all products. The conclusion of each phase of production is to plant the exact amount of trees to offset the emmissions.

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BESLAN FOR PEACE: World Trust Foundation Teams with Peace Kids

November 17, 2004 Pat Montandon gathered the troops to bring the banner of hope to the Robert Louis Stevenson School in Burbank, CA. Her mission is to recreate a journey that she took over twenty years ago, when she brought youth to Russia with a message of peace.

Children as the Peacemakers, is nonprofit, nonpolitical and nonsectarian. We have inspired widespread examples of goodwill, trust, and cooperation and opened vast channels of communication between nations and individuals Funding comes from other foundations, businesses, special events and individuals.


Pat Montandon founded children as the Peacemakers in 1982, on the premise that the key to creating a peaceful world lies in our children. Pat believes the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi, "If we are to ever have peace in the world we must begin with our children."

January 2005 marks the journey again, where the message of peace is needed now more than ever. Montandon is planning an excursion to Moscow where a meeting is to take place with President Putin, to sign the Declaration of Dependence. The next part of the journey will be to bring the banner of hope that children from around the world have made, to bring hope to the town of Belsan where the children were murdered by terrorists on their first day back to school.


The dramatic red silk banners are the foundation of white peace doves that are sewn on by hand by the children of other nations. The names of the children who lost their lives are written onto the banner for a memorial for their names to live on for the hope of peace.

Cacciatore and Montandon have come together, so that World Trust Foundation could help support her efforts, by bringing youth and spreading the word of the work that is being done for peace.

"When I met Pat, I thought I was looking into a mirror for my future. I can only dream that I can accomplish what she has in her years and I am here to support her in any way that I can to bring the message of peace from both of our foundations. I am not here to recreate what is already done, but to support the efforts of those who are already on the road. Peace Kids is an effort that I stand behind"

To learn more on Peace Kids click here.

To sponsor a youth to attend the peace journey in January, please send email to tess@worldtrust.org.


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