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The World Trust Foundation recognizes the efforts of organizations around the world that have been actively working in the field, with regard to global warming, air pollution, deforestation and many other environmental concerns.

The Trees for Life Project, is our way of concentrating efforts for planting trees around the world, to give a solution to slash and burn agriculture and create sustainable revenue for Indigenous Cultures.

To begin, the Trees for Life is working with Future Forests, an organization dedicated to planting trees to offset the CO2 emissions in the world. We are committed to helping them achieve their goal by having all productions, events, publications be carbon-neutral.

The Trees for Life Project is a symbolization of ALL trees and all varieties, to be planted in the areas of the world where nature is in trouble.

Trees for Africa

Pictured here is a tree planting ceremony that occurred while in South Africa for the "World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg, South Africa. A fine example of sustainable development, is this Sparrow Rainbow Village, for AIDS adults and children.

Tess Cacciatore, Kenneth Deere, David and wife

Youth Ambassador from South Africa
- Melody Botya and Godwin

Basilia Yao and baby from village

Lauren Segal and baby from village

Michael Feinstein digging hole for trees

Tess and baby from village

Trees for Guatemala

in conjunction with Valhalla Experimental Station out of Guatemala and a coalition of villages in this area. Valhalla introduced engrafted Macadamia seedlings to the indigenous people and so far there has been over 100,000 trees planted in the villages. Now there is a need for fertilizer to help the trees to grow.

The purpose of planting the macadamia tree is to reverse global warming, assist the Guatemalan people in developing self-sustaining agriculture, and educate the public about the environment.

Tess Cacciatore, Founder/Executive Director, took a trip to Guatemala to meet with Indigenous leaders and to visit Valhalla Experimental Station, which is owned and operated by Emilia and Lawrence (Lorenzo) Gottschamer.

Pictured here is Tess Cacciatore with Santiago Cuxil, who is the Coalition Leader, representing the villages of Guatemala.

Trees for Honor

Each year, Ms. Wilda Spalding gives out several medals titled the Medal d'Excellence - in Geneva Switzerland. Individuals and organizations who are excelling in their work in the world are honored for their continued commitment to their field of expertise. This year the World Trust Foundation nominated Valhalla Experimental Station. Pictured here is Tess Cacciatore, Emilia and Lorenzo Gottschamer (holding the coveted Medal d' Excellence) and Wilda Spalding.

Trees for a Cause

Pictured here is John Quigley, who lived in this 400 year old oak tree for 10 weeks, to establish the fight for the right for this tree to live. Developers in the Santa Clarita eventually took the tree away to another area. John continues his fight for the tree and other elements area are planning on cut down this tree to build a road.

If you are interested in helping the fight for this tree and many more, please write to spectralq@aol.com


Our environment is under threat. Our forests have declined by 50% since 1949. If we continue to mismanage our environment, the future of mankind is in serious danger. Global warming is only one of the potential consequences that comes with the cutting of trees and saturating our atmosphere with carbon dioxide.

When we cut trees we not only reduce the production of oxygen but we also decrease the absorption of carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas. It does not allow heat to escape from the atmosphere and by this contributes to global warming. An increase in global temperature will have disastrous effects on the environment. The consequences of global warming are numerous and among others are the following: with an increase in temperature, blocks of ice from the poles will break off, float, and melt.

This will have a direct affect on the aquatic environment due to changing water temperatures. Indirectly, but with greater consequences, it will affect our weather system. When this cooler waterfront comes into contact with warmer water fronts storms, hurricanes, and other weather disasters will follow. In wet regions, the rains will become stronger causing floods. On the other hand, dry regions will become dryer and thus more susceptible to droughts.

Global warming and global climate change are destroying the planet. We are dedicated to the preservation and healing of the planet through sustainable agriculture and the education of indigenous people. Our forests are being destroyed at a rate of approximately a football field every 2 seconds. It is imperative to stop and reverse this process to ensure the survival of ourselves, our children and our grandchildren.

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