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The World Trust Foundation (WTF) was born out of Tess Cacciatore's experiences during and after the Los Angeles riots in 1993. After many years of volunteering for various non-profit organizations, Tess founded the World Trust Foundation in 1994. Previously, while working as a Producer in the entertainment industry, she was a tireless and passionate advocate for children's rights and needs.

During those years, Tess saw up close how worthwhile causes must constantly struggle for funding to stay alive. WTF was created as a solution - a place where non-profits could collaborate and interact, rather than compete. Cooperation was not a very popular idea in the non-profit arena in 1994, yet WTF found ways to serve people who were working together for the greater good and/or educating the public about threats to our children and our world.

WTF cooperated with dedicated individuals and organizations to uncover and report on environmental disasters and solutions, and to create AIDS awareness programs. The first entertainment/technology venture under the WTF umbrella was "World Jam 1"- a 4 CD box set of interactive music from 47 artists from around the world. Since 1995, Tess has continued to work as a freelance Producer to support WTF further its mission and discover ways to employ technology as a venue for advocacy.

Throughout the nineties, Tess work extensively in the merging world of technology, where convergence media was around the corner. She learned what technology could do to connect people, particularly the world's young people. In 2000, WTF created the Youth Ambassador Program (YAP) to link youth worldwide, both in person and through use of the Internet. (YAP) also cooperates with outreach programs for youth in Los Angeles and Southern California.

WTF's Youth Ambassadors already have been heard at international forums such as the United Nations' World Conference Against Racism, World Summit on Sustainable Development, and YES! Youth Empowerment Summit in Geneva, Switzerland - as well as local events in Los Angeles such as Global Nomads Group teleconference event to link youth around the world after 9/11. The youth have used these opportunities to voice their concerns and educate their peers on a variety of global issues, from the environment to the continuing struggle for human rights.

WTF envisions using technology and information as a means to bridge and to unite the cultures of our world and to empower young people to:

  • explore cultures and lifestyles
  • discover environmental solutions
  • and, through our television series and the Internet, shine a spotlight on the hard-working, well-meaning people of the world who foster cooperation, understanding and mutual respect.

Our goal is to unite youth in a way that unites us all. WTF believes that the more we understand one another and the more we encourage our children to speak their minds and cooperate with each other through peaceful action, the more united all the world will be.

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