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About Us


The World Trust Foundation (WTF) is committed to igniting, empowering and uniting youth from all nations, through the responsible use of technology.

WTF, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization since 1995, is head-quartered in Los Angeles, California.


The vision of the World Trust Foundation is to connect youth from all cultures, through the responsible use of broadcast and internet technology. These young people become ambassadors for humanity, teaching by example that cooperation with cultures working together with mutual respect-can be a way of life.

WTF believes that when young people who have had this experience grow up and become leaders of countries and companies. They will be less likely to begin international conflict.


WTF's "Youth Ambassador Program" (YAP) and "YAP! The Adventures of Dean and JoJo" television series will promote peace and democracy. It also allows the voice of the world's youth to be heard, since they are the people who will inherit the earth and its responsibilities.

Our hope is that the "YAP!" program will bring cultures of the world together and show that diversity is a strength. Mutual respect and cooperation can then be attained between all countries, especially now in times of war.

The World Trust Foundation's vision is to include all cultures and to connect the world. Our logo was created from the image and the likeness of the lotus flower and to represent Mother Earth.

Logo designed by: Yuka Matsuda.
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