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Dear Friends and Supporters,

Since the inception of the World Trust Foundation in 1994, there has been a tremendous amount of change within our organization. The reflection of change has also been seen in the world, in a myriad of ways on an international scale.

With the current state of affairs, it is my belief that the only way we can come to a resolution in conflict and create a peaceful planet, is to begin breaking down the barriers between the different cultures. It has been the focus of WTF to work in the arena of media and technology, to enable us to reach out and connect with Indigenous cultures from around the world and to connect with the youth. Communication is the key. We need to continue the dialog and create action items to implement a way to find solutions to problems that exist with the environment, endangered species and conflicts within the human race.

Through our flagship program, the YOUTH AMBASSADOR PROGRAM, we can ignite, empower and unite the children of the world, so their voices can be heard. It is imperative that we, as adults, work together to assist the youth in finding ways to better the planet, since they are the ones who will inherit the earth. Over 40% of the worlds' population is under the age of 18. With this large number of youth, and with this number still growing, we have a responsibility to join forces with our children and create a support system to make a positive impact for future generations. This is our mandate, to combine business with education, to produce responsible programming for the Internet and television, so our children can learn that we ALL have a similar pulse and meet on a common ground.

As I reflect on the various countries that I have visited on behalf of the World Trust Foundation and the conferences that I have had the extreme gratification to attend, (Global Quest for Peace, World Conference Against Racism, World Summit on Sustainable Development, Commission for Human Rights, Working Group of Indigenous Populations, etc.) I have seen the plight of the human spirit, which is veiled behind the various and beautiful faces that represent all the corners of our world. I have seen the positive effects of love and compassion, which translates far beyond the spoken word. Looking into the eyes of people, ranging from the farmers of Guatemala, to the faces of babies stricken with AIDS in South Africa, I have taken these experiences with me as my motivation to continue the mission of the World Trust Foundation, even in the face of a hard economic reality.

With the launch of CarLou Interactive Media and Publishing, which launched this year in honor of my parents, Carolynn and Lou Cacciatore, it is our hope that through the sale of children's books, interactive product lines and a music series, we can create a sustainable revenue stream for our foundation, as well as assist in funding other projects to bring peace and harmony into the world.

Also, through the launch of a TV series with I-TV, it is our goal to bring the children of the world together. It is our vision that we build alliances and friendships around the world; therefore, when the children grow up to become leaders of companies and countries, there will be a less likely chance of war.

I believe that each one of us can make a difference and change the lives of people forever. Let us do it for ourselves, for each other, for our children and for future generations. Many thanks for your support.


Tess Cacciatore
Founder/Executive Director


Tess Cacciatore - Humanitarian, Social Entrepreneur, Producer, Writer, Photographer, International Speaker

Tess Cacciatore, recipient of the Medal of Excellence, given by the FETE d'EXCELLENCE - Miss Wilda Spalding. Pictured here is Tess with representative of the Nelson Mendella Foundation, who was also honored with this coveted award

Tess Cacciatore is a tireless and passionate visionary, who has the mission to take the World Trust Foundation to an international forum. Her purpose is to enable communication to unite the people of the world through media and technology and to connect the youth of all countries.

Tess has served her community as a volunteer throughout her childhood, all the way through donating endless hours to community service into her adult life, until 1994 where she founded the World Trust Foundation.

In her professional career, Tess has over twenty years experience as a multi-media Producer in entertainment and education. Her skills include: writer, creative director, producer, videographer, photographer and journalist. She continues to travel to capture the human spirit on film, and continues to do speaking engagements to empower and encourage youth and leaders of companies to get involved with their community.

Tess has extensive experience in digital technology since 1994, as a content developer, project manager and producer for many Fortune 500 companies and smaller "boutique" sites. She managed multi-million dollar projects and "virtually" facilitated teams of workers from various continents, bringing in projects on time and within budget. Through her work it was made apparent to her that the convergence of all mediums would help facilitate her rather large mission of connecting people in a personal way, in a medium that is not always conceived as personal¡¦ the internet.

On behalf of the World Trust Foundation (WTF), Tess has worked with inner-city schools in Los Angeles, bringing youth out of the city to:

  • experience nature hikes and beach clean-us
  • visit wildlife sanctuaries such as Shambala Preserve & Return to Freedom - Wild Horse Sanctuary
  • participate in environmental education on Earth Day since 2000
  • Participate in the Youth Ambassador Program since its launch on Earth Day 2000.

Tess has continued to work internationally over the past several years creating partnerships and working with Youth Ambassadors from America, Europe, South Africa, and India.

Leading up to the World Conference against Racism, September 2001, Tess produced a 2-hour live broadcast, streamed live to the Internet to connect Indigenous Leaders from North and South America. These leaders attended the Commission for Human Rights at the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland and the Indigenous Peoples Summit of the Americas in Ottawa, Canada. As a result, thousands of Indigenous people were able to attend the conference via the Internet and participate in online forums, as well as unite and prepare for the WCAR in Durban South Africa.

In 2000, Tess worked on human rights issues and social change with the FETE d' EXCELLENCE at the United Nations. She was invited by Wilda Spalding (Senior United Nations /NGO Advisor) to speak at the UN on a round table titled, the Humanization of Globalization & Business Ethics. Tess has also worked for years with other indigenous organizations such as the Assembly of First Nations (Canada) and the Snow Eagle Institute (North Dakota). She continues to serve indigenous peoples in areas of conflict-this includes trips in 2001 and 2002 to Guatemala and South Africa.

Tess' life work is cooperating with others to cross boundaries, both geographic and cultural. She is a creative and dedicated person who works outside of the box, interacting with diverse cultures-not always in safe conditions-to bring about positive social change. She is passionate about what she does and is concerned for our children and for future generations.

August, 2003, Tess once again returned to Geneva Switzerland to film the Youth Ambassadors who interned with Miss Wilda Spalding's program at the United Nations, in the program called, FETE d' EXCELLENCE.

On August 3rd, 2003, Tess became a Laurette of the coveted award, MEDAL d' EXCELLENCE, in the area of edu-tainment, for her extensive work and commitment to connecting the world through media and technology. (see picture above).

The World Trust was in great company as others were honored by Miss Spalding, such as" The UCLA Center for East-West Medicine, Future Forests, Daniel Pearl Foundation, Nelson Mandela's Youth AIDS Forum, and others.


Tess has appeared on many national television shows and radio interviews for her work. She has also been a guest speaker on many panels, in the categories of children's rights, technology to bridge cultures, environment and promotions for projects that to promote a healthy life for kids.

Tess earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Stephens College, Columbia, MO, and was an Honorary Participant in the Yale Summer Conservatory Theatre Arts Program. She has won many awards over the years, such as; Young Women Of America-Achievement in Community Service; Music City Song Festival-Song-writing Award, Country division; Michael Masser Song Writing Scholarship; and Billboard Magazine Song-writing Award for Achievement-Pop division. She is affiliated with the Dramatist Guild as a Published Playwright; B.M.I., as a Music Publisher; the Screen Actors Guild (SAG); and the American Film, Television & Radio Association (AFTRA).

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