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About Us

"This is our mandate, to combine business with education, to produce responsible programming for the Internet and television, so our children can learn that we ALL have a similar pulse and meet on a common ground."

Tess Cacciatore
Palais d' Nations Speech 2001
United Nations, Geneva Switzerland

The World Trust Foundation (WTF) is committed to bridging cultures and connecting youth, through media, arts and technology.

WTF has been a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization since 1995. Head-quartered in Los Angeles, California, we are dedicated to making a difference throughout the world, by joining forces with other individuals and organizations that are making the world a better place.

Since we are faced with hard economic times and children need us now more than ever, we have created a place where we can utilize sponsorships and funds that are generously given to our organization, as well as develop self-sustainable revenue streams through the sale of product lines that are environmentally and socially conscious.

We believe the concept of operating a hybrid of "for-profit" with "not-for-profit" programs, we can send a positive message to the world that those in the corporate world can still make profitable earnings, while also making a positive change in the world.

Besides running the World Trust Foundation, the following two companies are owned and operated by Tess Cacciatore. She is dedicated to implementing revenue streams through product lines and programming that she has created, as well as programs that have been created by those in her alliance.

Barking Dolphin Productions - Television & Music Production Company

Carlou Media - Edu-tainment Publishing Company

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