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Make your CGI Script Executable

On Unix systems (which is the system that InfoStreet runs on), script files must be executable before you can run them. This tool changes the permission of your CGI script file to be executable. This is a MUST. Your CGI scripts will not run unless they have executable permission.

Please note that you only need to enter the name of the CGI Script on your web site. The entire address is not necessary. For instance, if you would like to make your search.cgi file executable, you do not need to enter All you need to enter is


To make all the files in your cgi-bin directory executable, please enter a all in the following field.

Please type in the name of the CGI script you would like to make executable:

In order to ensure that only you can make your scripts executable, as soon as you press return in the above field, you will be presented with a login panel. Enter your login and password in that panel.


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