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Change Permissions of Files on your site

Who is this tool for?

This tools is only for the intermediate and expert level users. If you are unsure of what this tool does, do not use it. Changing the wrong file permissions CAN make all or parts of your site unusable.

How do we use this tool?

Each file or directory can be open or restricted to the Owner (you), the Group your login is a member of (all other Instant Web Site clients), and the world.

For FILES, "Open or Restricted" applies to reading (viewing), writing (overwriting and appending), and execution permission (allowing people to "run" this file as a program or script).

For DIRECTORIES, "Open or Restricted" applies to reading (viewing the directory, knowing it exists) writing (adding and removing files to/from the directory), and execution permission (allowing users to view the content of the directory).

All you need to do is enter the name of the file/directory you would like change permissions on in the field below. Then click on the appropriate checkboxes to allow yourself(owner), the group and the world to read, write, execute the file or directory.

Please note that you only need to enter the name of the directory/filename on your web site. The entire address is not necessary. For instance, if you would like to change permissions on your cgi-bin/test_results file, you do not need to enter All you need to enter is


Please type in the name of the directory/file you would like to change permissions on:

Owner:  Read   Write   Execute

Group:  Read   Write   Execute

World:  Read   Write   Execute

In order to ensure that only you can change permissions on your files and directories, as soon as you press the "Submit My Entry" button above, you will be presented with a login panel. Enter your user login name and password in that panel.


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