Blackjack Plus-Minus Strategy (Card Counting)

Beginner's Note:I used to play semi-professionally in Las Vegas. Blackjack is NOT a quick and easy way to get rich, even if you become a good card counter. Casinos take losing money quite seriously, legitimate means or not. They will make it quite difficult for you to play if they think you are card counting, and it is overcoming this hurdle which is the hardest part, not the card counting itself. My advice to you who would become card counters is to challenge the pit bosses and dealers who would stymie you up front, basically say yes, I AM card-counting, and invite a court case. I'm sure the casinos would eventually lose, but you'd have to have chutzpah to carry it off, seeing as the roots of the town came from gangsters. That being said, there is no reason why you shouldn't be able to use skill to win at this game. This is the plus-minus strategy, with a few modifications for each and every possible hand.

- From Lawrence Revere's book, "Playing Blackjack as a Business".

Numbers across the top represent the dealer's up-card.

Numbers down the side represent your cards, e.g. 12 represents the value of

your hand, A2 represents the cards ace and 2 (DO NOT read as 13 or 3!),etc..

If the casino does not allow you to double down where the chart says

double down, then "hit".

In the yellow section, stand if the count is greater than the numbers indicated.

E.g. If the count is -3, and the book lists -4.5, then stand. (-3 is BETTER than -4.5).

In the blue section, double if the count is greater than the numbers indicated.

If some sections are unclear, e-mail me and I'll tell you what to do.

PRACTICE: Get a deck of cards. Deal as the casino would deal, assuming there are

six players. That is, deal the first card face down, the dealer's up card, the

second card face down, and the dealer's hole card. Play all six hands.

Although this seems nearly impossible at first, it will become second

nature with four or five hours of practice a day for 2-3 weeks.

For those of you who are beginning card counters, the best conditions to play in are

single-deck places.(As opposed to double decks, four deck "shoes" and six deck shoes.)

In general, try to play on tables that have no less than six players, as this gives a

significant value to counting. In Las Vegas, the casinos Tropicana, Frontier,

Circus Circus, and Four Queens are the best.

Golden Nugget and the Horseshoe are OK.


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