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Buying from Taiwan ?

Take the most reliable road: Taiwan Trade Service

Taiwan is undoubtedly Asia's most competitive and diversified supplier of manufactured goods. It is often difficult however, to source reliable suppliers from Taiwan, even for seasoned and experienced buyers who travel there to buy on the spot. This is due to the staggering number of companies registered as manufacturers, the scarcity of reliable company information and communication difficulties due to language and cultural barriers.

To facilitate your business with Taiwan, Taiwan Trade Service offers you a unique range of services:

Bullet Product Sourcing Service - For acquiring goods manufactured in Taiwan
Bullet Custom Manufacturing (OEM) Service - manufacturing to customer specifications
Bullet Business Introduction Service - For buyers visiting Taiwan
Bullet Consulting Services - For exporting to Taiwan
Bullet Information Services - For information on Taiwanese companies & other commercial data

Information, Communication and Quality Control are the three ingredients that are vital to the successful completion of a purchasing project. With the wide fluctuations in product quality available from Taiwan and potential communication problems, you could be taking major risks if you are relying on overseas correspondence and incomplete directory information.

Our Product Sourcing and Custom Manufacturing Services are the best alternative to having your own office in Taiwan. Whether you are seeking goods already available or planning to have your own designs manufactured, Taiwan Trade Service can oversee your business from production to shipment. Our services provide you with all the benefits of Taiwan's competitive prices along with the reliability and efficiency of an established, experienced North American organization.

We are only a phone call away - eliminate the headaches of an overseas transaction while enjoying the expert services of our staff in both North America and Taiwan. From supplying manufacturer information to consulting for long-term projects, Taiwan Trade Service has the resources and the expertise to help you.

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