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Thank you for your inquiry on our Custom Manufacturing Program. We offer American Business a fully integrated service for meeting all production requirements from Taiwan with speed, efficiency and reliability. As we are entering our second decade of service we pride ourselves in having helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from coast to coast in establishing new businesses, or improving the profitability of existing ones.

We offer you a service that will oversee the manufacturing of your product from design to shipment. Submit us your designs, blueprint, drawings or samples in the strictest confidence.

Our Services Include:

Bullet Choosing the best manufacturer - specifically for your project, from thousands of companies listed in our data banks
Bullet Determining options, including design, materials and packaging, to make the best possible product
Bullet Preparing CIF (including cost, insurance and freight) price quotations based on production levels
Bullet Providing samples or prototypes prior to production
Bullet Organizing packaging and assembly of your product, if necessary
Bullet Overseeing strict quality control of production and shipment through our Taipei staff
Bullet Handling of local transportation and documentation in Taiwan
Bullet Coordinating shipments from Taiwan to North America or destinations Worldwide

There is a one-time registration and service charge that covers part of the
labor and expenses incurred between the two offices working on your project. There are vast cultural differences between Taiwan and North America that will create serious communication difficulties. We understand your language and needs. Our aim is to share in your success by helping you bring your product from Taiwan to North America efficiently and competitively.

We are looking forward to the opportunity of serving you. Please let us know if you have any other questions.

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