July 2002- Present                      Sanaray, Inc.                    Tehran, Iran

Vice President of International Business

Ground-up design of the International department with the objective to globalize the IT market of Iran.


November 2001-July 2002      Adrecycling, S. L.           Madrid, Spain


The adrecycling is a ground breaking new international advertising concept which is momentarily being patented in European Union.  The company is already registered, however it is being kept inactive until the patenting process is more advanced.

·         Registered the company in Spain.

·         Designed and presented the investment plan, which has resulted to attract the angle investors.

·         Signed outsourcing contract with production, distribution, and sales parties.


March 2001- November 2001    Infostreet.com, Inc.   California, USA

Strategy consultant

·         Design and creation of Business-, and Marketing plans.

·         Development of Marketing and sales concepts and strategies.

·         Evaluating the viability of new start ups for the venture capital funds.


June 2000 – February 2001         IPO.com, Inc.             New York, USA

Director of International Business

In this newly created position, I was directly responsible for International-strategic planning, marketing, business development, advertising, and content licensing of the Company’s products and services.

·         Conceptualized and introduced a new subsidiary under the name IPO.com International, Inc.  Implementation upon approval by the board.

·         Designed and executed new content licensing agreements with potential revenues in excess of a million dollar annually.

·         Successfully developed the internal business plan and budget.

·         Set goals and measurement criteria for implementation of the International entity.

·         Recruited and trained additional staff.

·         Coordinated country development and third party content negotiations and execution.

·         Participated in the planning and development of the Company’s business strategy as part of senior management.


June 1997 – June 2000       Dow Jones & Company   Princeton, USA

International Marketing Manager

Assumed sole responsibility for Internationalization of WSJ.com, The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition, the largest and most successful paid business publication on the web.

·         Conceptualized, developed and executed annual marketing plans in excess of a million dollars.

·         Successfully expanded circulation in target markets (UK, Germany, Hong Kong, and Japan) in excess of 120% annually for 3 years, resulting in an increase in gross revenues from more than 300% per annum.

·         Supervised up to 40 sales people in Europe and Asia throughout product-based projects.  Leveraged advertising sales channels of 46 people in Asia and Europe.

·         Created direct marketing programs, including direct mail and email, telemarketing, lead generation, prospect follow-up, and database marketing.

·         Created and executed some of today’s most well known guerrilla marketing concepts, including; first ever .com international billboard ad campaign, first ever .com in-flight ad campaign, first ever .com educational program.

·         Determined and applied the appropriate marketing mix for new customer acquisition and retention efforts, resulting in doubling the rate of new customer acquisition in UK within 6 months, also securing an increase of 65% by the first year renewals as well as a further 80% for further renewals.

·         Exercised senior management responsibilities for more than a year, while the position of director and executive director was vacant.

·         Established initial European partner network through 6 months temporary assignment in Brussels, Belgium, resulting in three joint marketing programs throughout Europe.

·         Developed inside sales/marketing strategies to employ telemarketing teams to sell wsj.com in conjunction with Dow Jones print publications in Europe.

·         Structured new pricing and agent programs for wsj.com in Israel, Germany, and Japan.

·         Participated in public-speaking engagements at Charles Schwab private investors conference 1998, Hong Kong; German Publisher association 1998, Frankfurt, Germany; TNT global collect conference 1999, Boston.


September 1996 – January 1997  Rider University  New Jersey, USA

Academic Research Analyst

Researched and analyzed global alliances and stock market reaction, focusing on European ADRs.


September1994 - July1995   Karl-Franzens University  Graz, Austria

Academic Analyst (internship)

Researched international consulting methods, such as valuation and strategy implementation in Austria and Hungary.  Supervised group project in the complexity of corporate valuation in the former Eastern Europe.


August 1991 - September1993    City Limousine          Graz, Austria

Junior Partner

Co-founded entrepreneurial venture.  Managed all bookkeeping and financial activities.  Selected and trained new employees.  Increased team productivity by creating and implementing incentive programs.