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Frequently Asked Questions:

Why dispense ?

Dispensing prescription medications is an excellent service for your patients as well as a great revenue stream for the practice.

What are the patient benefits ?

  1. Convenience - no more tedious drug store waits.
  2. Compliance - more than 30% of Rx's are either not retrieved from the druggist, or they are taken incorrectly for lack of proper counseling.
  3. Cost - for cash patients, the cost can be less than at the pharmacy. Copays remain the same for the insured.
  4. Reduced errors - automated bar code scanning assures accuracy of the drug being dispensed.

What are the benefits to the physician ?

  • Medication Compliance
  • Continuity of Care
  • Revenue: $5 - $6 net per patient visit, insured environment. Several times this in the cash environment.
  • Savings: No pharmacy call backs, a task that generally costs the practice more than $5 per call


In 44 of 50 states, there are no restrictions to point-of-care dispensing. Restricted states include Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Montana, and Utah. The FTC has delivered an opinion that restrictions to physician dispensing constitute “restriction of free trade.”


What is the earning potential in my practice?


Click here to find out.


What is the earning potential in my practice?


Click here to find out.

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