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The most promising source of new revenue available to doctors is physician dispensing.

Point-of-Care Drug Distribution, Past, Present, Future Trends

In the 1920's, approximately 20% of American physicians dispensed the medications they prescribed, (down from perhaps 80% in 1880). Approximately 7% of American physicians currently dispense (sell) prescribed medications directly to their patients.

PTC’s growth coincides with analysts’ predictions that physician dispensing represents a “back to the future” trend in drug distribution for several reasons: 1) the need to increase physician income within the managed care environment, 2) the need to reduce the $5-$7 each pharmacy call-back costs the average practice, 3) the substantial savings to insurers afforded by point-of-care dynamics, 4) patients are beginning to act like comparative consumers – and nothing beats physician dispensing for patient convenience and “continuity of care.” This gives a competitive advantage to physicians and insurers who offer it.


What is the earning potential in my practice?


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What is the earning potential in my practice?


Click here to find out.

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