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May 2002 represents a major milestone. The first installation involving a new interface with
Medical Manager software.


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What PTC Does

The company, a pharmaceutical repackager and wholesale distributor, has developed a proprietary, automated drug dispensing system that allows physicians to provide prescribed medications directly to patients while at the doctor’s office (or via mail for refills). Physicians may dispense to all cash (self-insured) patients, workers’ compensation and much of the population insured for pharmaceuticals through the immediate electronic claims adjudication feature of PTC software.

The system manages inventory automatically by tracking dispensing patterns and placing appropriate purchase orders, via internet or modem, to PTC (just-in-time inventory).

PTC history

The company has repackaged and distributed pharmaceuticals since 1986. Based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, PTC maintains DEA, FDA and state pharmaceutical licenses. Initially, the company devoted itself to supplying pharmaceuticals to niche markets, notably correctional facilities and Workers Compensation practices. More recently, state of the art dispensing software has been created for general office use. Regional and national media attention is now increasing demand for the PTC dispensing system.

What is the earning potential in my practice?


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What is the earning potential in my practice?


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