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May 30, 2000

Drug dispensing offers physicians extra profits.

By Angie Antonopoulos

Physicians interested in increasing practice income may want to consider dispensing drugs out of their office.

According to Bill Janis, Florida sales director for Physicians Total Care (PTC) doctors can make from $20,000 to more than $90,000 by dispensing through this system - depending on prescribing habits and payer mix.

"Doctors make $4-$5 per medication for managed care patients, and three to four times that for Medicare, cash and Worker's Comp patients." said Janis, who is expanding distribution in Florida for the Tulsa, Oklahoma based company.

"The healthcare benefits alone make point-of-care dispensing worthwhile," noted Janis; "the procedure decreases medication non-compliance by more than half. Non-compliance is estimated to cause $100 billion in avoidable medical costs each year- roughly the amount spent on pharmaceuticals each year in the U.S."

Along with increased income, dispensing physicians reduce pharmacy error and cut down or eliminate pharmacy call backs.

PTC's program, the PTC9000 Medication Management System for Windows, reviews inventory automatically, checks for drug interactions and allergy reactions, obtains payer approval, tracks medication histories, and completes dispensing in only a few moments.

To ensure accuracy in drug dispensing, PTC's prepackaged medications are bar-coded with the description, strength and count of the drug.

According to the Board of Medicine more the 1,600 physicians in Florida are licensed to dispense pharmaceuticals. That number may grow, Janis said., now that technology has made it easy for doctors to communicate with payers electronically.

"Drug dispensing puts physicians in charge," said Warren Moseley, president and CEO of PTC. "There's nothing more efficient than coming out of a doctor's office with medication in hand."

Darshan Shah, MD, who opened a walk-in clinic in Stuart three months ago, said he wanted to give drug dispensing a shot.

"I wanted to give patients more of a one-stop shop so they don't have to go from here to there when they are sick," Shah said.

Currently, 80 percent of his patients are filling their prescriptions through his practice. Twenty percent of those pay out of pocket.

Since Shah started drug dispensing using PTC's software and repackaged medications, he said patients are very satisfied and that the convenience he provides had not been a hassle.

Furthermore, he said the software has been easy to use.

"As long as I'm not losing money, I'm happy doing this."

For more information on Physicians Total Care, visit www.physicianstotalcare.com.



What is the earning potential in my practice?


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What is the earning potential in my practice?


Click here to find out.

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