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Reconstructive Dentistry

Fixed Bridges

Fixed bridges are indicated when there are strong teeth on both sides of a missing tooth space.

Fixed Bridges

Jamie, a model, had lost her front tooth in an accident years ago. She had a traditional fixed bridge placed in its place. Over the years, the bone in the missing tooth area had resorbed and dark edges of the traditional porcelain on metal bridge was showing.

Through a unique method I augmented the bone and restored normal contours of the missing tooth area. I then placed a metal-free cosmetic bridge to replace the missing tooth.

Fixed Bridges

Christine was a young student who was congenitally missing the two teeth in her lower jaw. The teeth in front and back of the missing teeth were healthy and her mother did not want them to be prepared (trimmed down) for a traditional bridge. Implants were not an option due to other reasons.

I designed and made two metal-free inlay bridges that had minimal impact on the adjacent teeth.


Continued: Removable Bridges

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