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Parsa T. Zadeh, DDS, FAGD, FICOI


1986-1991 Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Human Behavior, USC School of Dentistry

1991-2001 Assistant Clinical Professor , Department of Restorative Dentistry, section of Occlusion

Lectured on topics of occlusion:

  • Mutually Protective Occlusion
  • Patogaphic tracing
  • Face bow and Articulators
  • Canine rise occlusal splint
  • Centric relation and centric occlusion
  • Comparative anatomy of decidious teeth and permanent teeth.
See the attached letter from Department chair.

Research and Articles

  1. Amelogenesis Imperfecta - A case Report
  2. Ins and Outs of Dental Office Lighting
  3. Challenge of Dentine Bonding on Non-Vital teeth
  4. Now that you use a PC, do you defrag?
  5. Causes and Consequences of “Dry Mouth”
  6. A unique approach for “In-Office Bleaching” success.
  7. Will Bruxism be the leading cause of tooth loss in urban population?
  8. How to keep your own teeth for life.
  9. Paperless Dental Office-No longer a fantasy.
  10. Light Curing Vs. Laser Curing-A controlled study
  11. How to make the most accurate Bite Splint-every time.
  12. Parsa’ s Window Crown- An improvement on Porcelain Shoulder.
  13. The Best of Both Worlds in Anterior Esthetics
  14. Dental Office Lighting
  15. Ethics in dentistry
  16. Nerve lateralization, technique for implant in the atrophic mandible
  17. Immidiate placement, immidiate loading- technique and criteria.

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