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Cosmetic Dentistry
Worn/Irregular Teeth - Instant Orthodontics

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Instant Orthodontics - without braces

Patricia wore braces when she was a teenager. Due to some relapse and some incomplete treatment she still had a cross bite on her right side and her front teeth were tilting inwards. She said: ”There is NO WAY I go thru braces again!”

I ended up building her upper teeth OUT to correct the cross bite and give her teeth a greater "presence” when she smiles.

Realigning Teeth

When Alexander came to me his front teeth did not come together (open bite) and he had a severe lisp because his tongue went into that space when he talked. He also complained of mismatching front teeth. I first sent him to the orthodontist to correct the open bite but after visiting the orthodontist, he came back and said: “at my age I really do not want to wear braces for 2-3 years, isn’t there anyway you can correct the open bite by restorative work?”

I shortened all of his back teeth and lengthened his front teeth so that he now has a totally normal bite. The entire restorative work took about 3 weeks.

Realigning Teeth

For years the crowded and extruding canine bothered Peter but he could not bring himself around to wearing braces for years to correct it. Besides at an earlier consultation he was told that he has to remove two teeth to make room for the extruding canine and he did not want to lose any of his teeth. I was able to take care of the large fillings/cavities on these front teeth and align his teeth in two sessions two weeks apart.

Instant Orthodontics

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