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GumLift Procedure
Gummy Smile No. 1


To find out if you can benefit form GumLift please call at: (310) 273-9919

A beautiful smile shows most of the 8-10 upper teeth with almost no gum above the two front teeth. Certain pathologic/physiologic conditions result in too much exposure of the gum above the upper front teeth. Dr. Zadeh can safely modify the position and shape of this gum so that more of your natural enamel and less of gum show when you smile.

Also reduction of the bulk of tissue under the lip causes the upper lip not to move up as much and appear thicker when smiling.

Gum LIft

Mikka. Mikka always had to "cut her smiles short" because she was self conscious of the gummy smile she had. I first moved her gum up and reduced the bulk of tissue under her lip. Six months later I placed porcelain veneers on her six front teeth.

This is what Mikka had to say about her results:

Dental Testimonial

The Gummy Smile - Gum LIft

Tara is a dentist's daughter that had some bonding done on her teeth years ago before her father retired. She came to me asking for new bondings or porcelain veneers to improve her appearance. When she saw some of the before and after photographs of the gum lift procedure, she decided to reduce the tissue under her upper lip before she gets veneers on her front teeth.

Later at a family reunion, her sister who is also a dentist from Idaho saw the results up close and arranged to have her teeth veneered by Dr. Zadeh.

Uneven Smile

Isabell had only a slight excess of gum on her right side. However, when she came to me for cosmetic improvement of her teeth, I noticed that her lip moves up more on the right side when she smiled. I suggested to surgically even out the gum level and reduce the disproportionate lip support on the right side so that her lip moves up more symmetrically when she smiles. This is the result we got.

To find out if you can benefit form GumLift please call at: (310) 273-9919

Gummy Smile continued ...


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