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Cosmetic Dentistry

Look your esthetic best with cosmetic dentistry

When I graduated from dental school in 1984, I never thought that practicing dentistry could be so exciting. The notion had never crossed my mind that as a dentist I could change lives by improving self esteems and beautifying smiles beyond what the patient ever thought was possible.

Fortunately for all of us, the technology advancements and innovations of the past decade increased our capabilities as dentists tremendously. Increased cosmetic dentists capabilities raised the standards of cosmetic dentistry in the community, with which came increased expectations of the community from their cosmetic dentist. Increased expectations in turn caused increased capabilities of the cosmetic dentists and so on.

This circle of increased capability of cosmetic dentists — increased standard of cosmetic dentistry — increased expectation of community from their cosmetic dentist is more intense in some areas than others. Because Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are next to the movie capital of the world and because Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are home to many members of show business, they have one of the highest standards in cosmetic dentistry. Therefore have the highest expectations of their cosmetic dentist.

Needless to say that as a Beverly Hills Cosmetic Dentist, I am expected to produce immaculate results that not only looks natural up close, but looks perfect when projected several feet wide on the silver screen. During the 17 years of serving this community, I have constantly pressed myself to produce the ideal results that the
Beverly Hills and Hollywood communities expect.

Having evenly placed white and bright teeth that are adequately displayed has become a norm in our society. Just like you do not see too many active successful women with gray hair, you do not expect to see an active successful person with yellow and irregular teeth.

Through artistic and innovative use of a combination of surgical procedures, porcelain veneers, bleaching and porcelain crowns, I have been able to achieve the results in the following sections.

The "Gummy Smile"

A beautiful smile shows most of the 8-10 upper teeth with almost no gum above the two front teeth. Certain pathologic/physiologic conditions result in too much exposure of the gum above the upper front teeth — but I can safely modify the position and shape of this gum so that more of your natural enamel and less gum shows when you smile. Also reduction of the bulk of tissue under the lip causes the upper lip not to move up as much and appear thicker when smiling. Gummy Smile

Discolored Teeth

Having bright white teeth has become common in our society. It used to be that only children and few young adults had white teeth. Just like getting gray hair, getting yellow teeth was an accepted change as we went through life, but the media and celebrities have changed our standards. Just as you do not expect to see an active woman of any age to have gray hair, you do not expect to see a man or woman of any age with yellow discolored teeth. Discolored Teeth.

Worn or Irregular Teeth

Skilllful use of porcelain veneers and crowns allows instant alignment of your teeth. By improving the size, position and/or angle of your teeth, we give you the image you are looking for — usually in two sessions, ten days apart. Worn/Irregular Teeth.


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Cosmetic dentistry has changed the lives of thousands of people. With think you'll be as pleased with your "new looks" as with our comfortable offices and knowledgeable, courteous and prompt service.

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