Amouzesh Omeed is a not-for-profit corporation organized under the laws of the State of Massachusetts. One of Omeed's major goals is to help improve access to education by needy children and to improve the quality of education received by children in deprived areas.

Omeed expects to achieve its objectives by building schools that cater to the need of the poor and disabled children or by organizations that pursue such objectives.


  • Construction of schools (Elementary, Secondary and High school)
  • Construction of dormitories and boarding schools
  • Assisting poor students in living costs of dormitories
  • Providing assistance for construction of conference halls, sport clubs, training centers
  • Providing educational scholarships to qualified students
  • Providing school supplies to qualified students
  • Preparing book series, educational workshop and laboratory equipment
  • Conducting educational competition among students & among villages as well as awarding gifts and prizes to distinguished students
  • Recognizing outstanding teachers, instructors and other educators who help with Omeed projects