1.Complete the attached Application Form.

2. Submit a one-page description of the clinical trial protocol you intend to write during the Workshop. This description should contain all of the following elements:

a. Title: Example: "Will an antisense to HER-2/neu increase the antitumor activity of cisplatin?"
b. Background: No more than 2 sentences explaining why the trial should be undertaken.
c. Proposed Design: No more than one paragraph describing the elements of the trial. A schematic diagram may be used instead of a narrative.
d. Proposed Endpoints: No more than two sentences explaining how the results of the trial will be evaluated.

These responses will be used to assign participants to appropriate faculty advisors.

3. Submit a letter explaining why you wish to participate in this Workshop. Be sure that your letter provides the following information:

a. A description of your previous research background.
b. The nature of the program in which you are scheduled to participate for the next two years.
c. A description of the kind of program in which you would like to be working in five years.
d. An explanation of how participation in the Workshop will help you to design and conduct the trial to be outlined in your protocol (see Item 2., above).
e. A commitment to participate in the long-term evaluation of this Workshop by maintaining contact with the organizers and responding to questionnaires when requested.

4. Submit a letter from your Program Supervisor or Department Head in support of your application for this Workshop. This letter should include the following:

a. A description of the length of time and the capacity in which the writer has known the applicant.
b. An assessment of the quality of the applicant's performance in his or her current program.
c. A commitment to make every reasonable effort to enable the candidate to conduct a clinical trial based on the protocol produced at the Workshop.
d. A commitment to participate in the long-term evaluation of this Workshop by reporting the results of the trial conducted by the candidate to the organizers and by responding to questionnaires that may be submitted by the organizers.

5. Applications will not be accepted unless they contain all four of the elements described above, i.e., the application form, the description of the proposed protocol, the letter from the applicant, and the letter from a Department Supervisor or Department Head of the applicant. The deadline for receipt of applications in the AACR office is April 10, 2000.

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