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Endless Loop Cassettes

Current research underscores the value and necessity of extensive amounts of listening an a new language before attempting to speak. With Loop tapes you can listen repetitively without needing to handle your equipment.

We recommend that each language learner have a few endless cassette tapes for Listening and Mimicry practice -- perhaps two 5-second tapes and one or two 60-second tapes.

The 5-second tapes are especially useful in focusing on details of intonation, pronunciation, rhythm, and tone. Most early sentences will easily fit on a 5-second tape.

The 60-second tapes can give you lots of opportunity for listening to the flow of your texts. Since early texts can usually fit on a 60-second tape four or five times, you can listen to your text twenty or more times in five minutes. If you record your daily material a day or two in advance, you could listen to each text 50 to 100 times before you attempt much mimicry. This will greatly enhance your pronunciation.

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