Community Is My Language Classroom!

A Unique Book.

Perhaps the first book on language learning written at a popular level.

Intriguing first-person stories -- new missionaries tell what they experienced and felt as they became deeply involved with people of another language in order to learn that language and begin their ministry.

Experiences from Africa, Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the USA. Confidence building.

Chapter titles include:

250 Pages. Photographs.
ISBN 0-916636-06-2

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Bonding and the Missionary Task

A strategy for establishing a sense of belonging with people of another society.

The missionary's potential effectiveness can be greatly increased by developing a lifestyle of involvement with people, and habits of effective comunication and ministry right from the start.

Your early weeks are a crucial time for getting started right. Establish your sense of belonging within your adopted community during your early days there.

The Bonding booklet now also contains the popular article, Language Learning Is Communication -- Is Ministry!

ISBN 0-916636-04-06

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Companion to the Poor

By Viv Grigg

The poor of today's world are a major unreached people group. Having lived among the squatters of Asia, Viv shares from his heart about the need to preach the Gospel to the poor and to live the Gospel among them. "We need bands of people who, on fire with Christ's Kingdom, will choose a lifestyle of simplicity to proclaim that kingdom to the poorest of the poor."

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Kagawa of Japan

By Cyril Davey

Kagawa was the son of a Japanese aristocrat. In the late 19th century he chose to live in one of the slums of Japan in order to reach the poor. His life and ministry were instrumental in winning many to Christ.

(A reproduction of an out-of-print classic)

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