Language Learning "How-to" Books

Language Acquisition Made Practical (LAMP)

Here is an easy (and fun) to use manual that shows you how to learn another language -- any language, anywhere -- if you live where the language is spoken and are motivated to learn it through involvement with the people.

LAMP describes a methodology called the Daily Learning Cycle, with ideas of learning activities you can do, step by step, each day. An accompanying C-90 audio cassette tape explicitly demonstrates all these activities. This 384-page book will help you, the Learner, self-program your language learning activities from the first day, and it is loaded with ideas that can lead you to full professional competence in the new language.

ISBN 0-916636-00-3

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L anguage
E xploration and
A cquisition
R esource
N otebook

(LEARN!) Album

A Non-School language learning project for learning any language.

This 16-cassette album with 300-page syllabus contains an entire language acquisition course offered by Drs. Tom and Betty Sue Brewster.

The album is primarily designed as a guide for missionary language learners who are serious about learning a new language in the context of relationships within their new community. (Along with the LAMP book, the LEARN! materials can also be used in missions courses that focus on language and culture acquisition skills.)

The perspective of LEARN! is: "Normal language acquisition is a social experience rather than simply an academic activity." This approach is best suited to those who are willing to make a full-time commitment, not just to studying, but to the people of the new language.

We desire that individuals using LEARN! will view involvement in oanother culture as a very high privilege and a unique opportunity. One learner told us, "I have never been so fulfilled in all my life! Before, I was conditioned to always be so busy, busy, busy. Now, I have one responsibility -- spend time with people, learning from them." God rewarded his availability to people with a productive ministry even from the early weeks of language learning.

The LEARN!album includes theLEARN! sullabus and 14 lecture cassetes, plus a 5-second and a 30-second loop tape, 2 storytelling books, and the Bonding booklet.

(The LEARN! Syllabus without cassettes is available particularly for those who have access to an album.)

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Language Learning & Mission -- LEARN! Video Seminar

10 Hours of Training!
For those involved or wanting to be involved in cross-cultural ministries.

This video series is designed to give you insights and skills for language learning and cross-cultural ministry. Yes, you can learn a language!

On camera, Dr. Tom Brewster leads a group who are willing and ready to serve God in a foreign culture -- people like you. He guides them (and you) through training materials developed and refined during the Brewster's world travels.

Some of the video session topics:
(10 sessions - 1 hour each)

In this Seminar:

Who should use this Seminar?

Video Materials Include:

NOTE: It is essential that each viewing participant be provided with a Language Learning & Mission Video Syllabus. Enough copies of the Syllabus should be purchased to meet the needs of your group.


"Now I am beginning to speak Themne . . . every feature of the language is a challenge but the Lord has given me strength and you've given me the tools."
Sierra Leone

"I came to this seminar hoping to get a few good ideas about language learning. I didn't expect my whole life to be revolutionized."
Irian Jaya

"Learning language in life settings is so much more natural, and so much easier and most of all so much more fulfilling and fun. It is such a privilege to have local friends within 2 weeks of being here."
North Africa

I think this course may well have been this single most helpful class I had at seminary. It combined missiological concepts with a specific strategy for getting into a culture in a way that gives me courage and hope."

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