The National Legal Sanctuary for Community Advancement (NLSCA): The next chapter of the Civil Rights Movement.

The Mission of NLSCA is to ensure the human rights and dignity of Middle Eastern, Muslim, and South Asian peoples. We advocate for unity through diversity via: (1) legal defense of civil rights; (2) responsible media coverage and depiction; (3) proactive collaboration with governmental and non-governmental institutions; and (4) fostering education and community outreach.

The vision of NLSCA is a society where the humanity of each individual is liberated in the pursuit of peace and equity for all.

NLSCA is the first -- and currently the only -- organization of its kind serving these communities in the San Francisco Bay Area and the United States.


NLSCA has allied with Participant Media on a social action campaign inspired by "The Visitor," a new film that deals with issues related to U.S. immigrant detention. For more on the film and campaign, click the image below.




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