Printing Only

Thermal Printing

.......Mention thermal print technology and many people immediately think of the early fax machine with its flimsy, glossy paper that curls when printed. However, this technology has come a long way since the early fax machine and now, in fact, surpasses other technologies in many product applications.

Print Quality. Direct thermal print images are formed by heat. Because of this, characters and graphics are always sharp and clear. The Pentax PocketJet produces crisp, laser-quality 300 dpi text and graphics.

Silk Screening

.......Whether you need to maintain a corporate identity, or simply want a uniquely identifiable disc, Diversified Systems delivers the best in custom CD-R silk screen printing.

Silk Screening method ( creating separate film for each color) ( 10 working days required) Film cost is per film up to 5 films for full color processing.

All custom CD-R and DVD-R screen-printing is done in-house. This allows Diversified Systems to provide our clients with quicker turn times, higher quality assurance, and better pricing. We maintain a complete inventory of CD-R and DVD-R media at all times. No need to pay a middle man for products and services you can get direct.

Label Printing

.......Label printing is Laser quality label printing (2400 DPI) on quality CD label. Full color available.

Inkjet Printing

.......Our CD Printer features reliable, precise, professional color inkjet CD printing. You can count on your CD printing to have resolution that will satisfy both you and your customers for any CD production and CD duplication requests.

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