CD Copy Center offers state-of-the-art CD duplication services for low volumes and very quick turns. We offer bulk CD duplication as well as full service options including jewel cases, tray inserts and shrink wrap.

Our CD Duplication process begins with using only the best grade of CDR media, allowing for precise data capture. The disc printing options available include: Full Color Gloss Inkjet, High Resolution Digital, and Detailed Thermal on Disc Printing. Our qualified staff and state of the art equipment allow us to duplicate in a minimal amount of time making us very flexible in terms of meeting your deadline. We also have packaging solutions for any application.

Bizcard Duplication

CD Business Cards are an ideal way to get distribute information about your company or inform consumers of special promotions. The discs are also a great way to store your entire product line and price list, web content, or any video, music, or graphics that you might want to hand out to potential clients or customers. When you have all of this information on a disc, our duplication service can keep you in a constant supply of discs for distribution.


When you need more storage capacity than a business card CD-R, but something a little different from everyone else, why not try a mini CD-R? Looks and plays like a standard one, but it is only 3 inches in diameter and holds 180 MB. Mini CD-RS can be printed and packaged just like any other.


While a lot of the competition have abandoned or diminished their 3.5" diskette duplication, USDM continues to provide the highest level of support and capacity. Because of our well maintained, and state-of-the-art equipment, you get your duplicated diskettes on time, and at a very competitive price. Most important, your customer gets a virus-free, reliable diskette.

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