A Genealogy of the Zahedi Family


Our side of the Zahedi Clan is descended from a Mirza[1] Ahmad Hakim[2] Tonekaboni[3]. Mirza Ahmad, who traced his ancestry to Sheikh Zahed Gilani[4], was a physician at the court of the second Qajar king, Fath-Ali Shah, who reigned from 1797 to 1834.

Mirza Ahmad was also the special doctor and religious leader (Morad) of Mohammad Shah Qajar. Mirza Ahmad was assassinated presumably by order of the Russian Ambassador in Tehran, Prince Dalgourki.


Mirza Ahmad Hakim had two sons named Mohammad and Hossein from his first marriage. After the death of his wife he married his sister-in-law and had two other sons Habibollah, and Nasrollah and one daughter named Bibi Khanom.


Mirza Mohammad Hakim, son of Mirza Ahmad, was also a renowned physician in 19th century Tehran. He was a member of the delegation who accompanied the Crown Prince Nasser eddin Mirza, only 7 years old, to meet Nicholas I, the Tsar of Russia in Yerevan in the year 1837, He had two daughters named Talat and Tooba and two sons named Asadollah and Morteza.


Mirza Asadollah Hakim, son of Mohammad and grandson of Ahmad, had two sons and two daughters. His older son, Fathollah, had two daughters named Kokab-al-Molook and Badri and three sons named Lotfollah, Nasrollah, and Asadollah.

General Nasrollah Zahedi had three sons named Farrokh, Feridoon, and Firooz.

Firooz Zahedi is a well-known photographer of Hollywood film stars.


The younger son of Mirza Asadollah Hakim was named Mirza Jafar Khan. He had a daughter named Belgheis and three sons named Abbas, Amir Hooshang, and Masood.

Abbas Zahedi married his aunt's granddaughter, Shokooh Zahedi, and they had three daughters named Shirin, Shohreh, and Nooshin, and one son named Shahriar.

Amir Hooshang Zahedi is the father of Jeff, Robert, and Jennifer.

Masood Zahedi is the father of Soheila and Homeyra.

Belgheis Zahedi married Nasser Banan. They had four sons named Taher, Nader, Mansoor, and Behrooz.


A daughter of Mirza Asadollah Hakim was named Alieh. She married Dr. Mohsen Zahedi, son of Mirza Hasan Motamed-ol-Atteba, son of Mirza Abolhasan Hakim, descended from Bibi Khanom, daughter of Mirza Ahmad Hakim Tonekaboni. They had three sons named Ali Akbar, Kazem, and Reza, and three daughters named Shayesteh, Ezzat, and Heshmat.. Dr. Mohsen Zahedi had two other children , Mohammad and Fatemeh, from two other wives.


Ali Akbar Zahedi married Marzieh Zahedi, who was his uncle's granddaughter. They had four sons named Ali Asghar, Manoochehr, Sohrab, and Khosrow, and one daughter named Shokooh.

Dr Ali Asghar Zahedi is the father of Four sons, Tooraj, Bahman, Siamak, and Mohsen.

Manoochehr Zahedi Has two daughters named Niloofar and Nazi, and one son named Kamran.

Shokooh Zahedi married Abbas Zahedi who was a cousin of her Fathers. Their children were listed above.

Sohrab Zahedi has a son named Tyrone and a daughter Soraya.

Khosrow Zahedi has a son, Soheil and a daughter Laleh.


Dr. Kazem Zahedi and General Reza Zahedi, the other two sons of Alieh and Mohsen didn't have any children.

Mohammad Zahedi, son of Dr. Mohsen Zahedi from another wife, has two sons, Hani and Hooman, and one daughter Haleh.

Shayesteh Zahedi married into the Abasalti Family and had five daughters named Nosrat, Pooran, Tooran, Parvaneh, Pari, and two sons named Hadi and Mehdi.

Ezzat Zahedi married into the Siroos Family and had three daughters named Giti, Fereshteh, and Parand, and one son named Sasan.

Fatemeh Zahedi, daughter of Dr. Mohsen Zahedi from another wife, Married into the Seif Hashemi Family and had 9 children. They are Manijeh, Bijan, Mahin, Mahvash, Mahnaz, Maryam, Saeideh, Soodabeh, and Mehdi.

Heshmat Zahedi married into the Azizi family and had two daughters, Shahrzad and Shahrnaz.




Now, let's go back to Mirza Mohammad Hakim, son of Mirza Ahmad Hakim Tonekaboni. Mohammad's other son was named Haji[5] Mirza Morteza Hakim.

Morteza had two sons and three daughters.

One of his sons named Mohammad was a jurist and he was involved in the Iranian Constitutional Movement of early 20th century. He had one daughter named Marzieh who married Ali Akbar Zahedi who was the grandson of her father's uncle. The names of their children were listed above.

Morteza's other son was named Abdolhossein. He had three sons named Mohammad, Hassan, and Reza, and five daughters named Zahra, Sedigheh, Tahereh, Fatemeh, and Masoomeh.

Mohammad had Omid, Mariam, and Mona.

Hassan had Naghmeh, Nafiseh, and Mohammad Hossein.

Reza is the father of Navid.

Zahra is the mother of Effat and Sahar.

Sedigheh had Mehdi and Milad.

Tahereh had Ebrahim and Emad.


One of Morteza's daughters was named Zahra. She married into the Ghaemi Family and had four sons named Masood, Kamal, Jamal, and Mohsen, and three daughters named Masoomeh, Nayyereh, and Arefeh.


Morteza's daughter, Hajar, was the mother of Abolghasem.


Morteza's daughter, Tooran, was the mother of Manzar, Monir, and Sima.



Mirza Mohammad Hakim's daughter, Talat, had a boy named Enayat and two daughters named Malekeh and Maliheh.






The second son of Mirza Ahmad Tonkeboni was named Hossein. He was also a physician.

We know that he was the father of a son and a daughter.

His son, Ahmad, became a physician too during Mozafaredin Shah and Ahmad Shah,  he was known as Mirza Ahmad Hakim Tonekeboni (the same name as his grandfather) He married his paternal cousin Keshvar khanoum, the daughter of Mirza Habibollah,.

Mirza Ahmad Hakim lived until 1922. The couple had three sons Ali, Ebrahim, Mahmood Zahedi, and three daughters Shokat, Eshrat, Effat.


Ali Zahedi became an army officer, during Reza Shah Period. He married Fatemeh, his paternal cousin, daughter of Mirza Farajollah khan (Entesar ulhokama). Capitain Ali was a part of cavallary regiment fighting the Kurdish insurgents and was killed there


Ebrahim Zahedi became an army officer and veterinary doctor, married Taherh, and had three sons Ali, Abbass, Dariush and two daughters Shokoh, and Shahnaz.


Mahmoud Zahedi became a police officer during the reign of the last Shah. He married Iran  and had one daughter Mehri.


 Shokat  left no children.


Eshrat Zahedi married Shapour Hobkhoo, and had two sons Ahmad, Mohammad, and one daughter Raffat.


Effat Zahedi  Zahedi married Reza Larijani, and had one daughter Azam.





Another son of Mirza Ahmad Hakim Tonekaboni was named Nasrollah. He was also a renowned physician and served at the court of another Qajar King, Nasereddin Shah. The Shah gave him the title of Shams-ol-Atteba[6]. Nasrollah had three sons and one daughter. One of his sons, named Mirza Abdollah, had six sons and three daughters. The sons were Ahmad, Hamid, Majeed,Nasrollah, Abdolhossein, and Parviz.The daughters were Behjat, Nezhat, Heshmat, and Effat.


Ahmad Zahedi married Kokab-ol-Molook Zahedi, daughter of Fathollah, son of Mirza Asadollah Hakim. They had two sons named Abolfazl, and Abdollah, and their daughter was named Farzaneh.


General Hamid Zahedi had three sons named Fazlollah, Hooshang, and Jamshid, and two daughters named Oranoos, and Shahla. Doctor Fazlollah Zahedi had two sons named Vincent and Gregory. Jamshid Zahedi has a son named Sam. Oranoos Zahedi has a daughter named Roya, and a son named Ramin.


Majeed Zahedi had a son called Bahram and a daughter named Ladan.


Nasrollah Zahedi had four daughters named Farideh, Fataneh, Fahimeh, Firoozeh, and his son named Homayoon.


Abdolhessein Zahedi had three daughters named Parvindokht, Farindokht, Shirin, and two sons named Hassan, and Khosro.


Parviz Zahedi had two sons named Kourosh and Darioush.



Another son of Mirza Ahmad Hakim Tonekaboni was named Habibollah. He also was a physician and had the title of Majd-ol-Atteba[7]. He had four sons named Farajollah, Mehdi, Mohammad Ali, and Mohammad Reza, and four daughters named Keshvar, Zobeideh, Morassa, and Moochool.


Mirza Farajollah Khan,  son of Majd-ol-atteba, received the title Entessar olhokama, and  was in Muzaffarudin' Shah's court. He died befor his father. He had two sons Lotfollah and Esmaeel, and one daughter Fatemeh.

One of Majd-ol-Atteba's sons, named Mirza Mehdi, had the title of Moghavvem-ol-Molk[8]. He was an MP in the 6th Majles[9] after the Constitutional Revolution and voted for the dethroning of the Qajar Dynasty. It was also his idea to adopt the Zahedi surname for the extended clan when having surnames became mandatory in the 1920's.

One of Mehdi's cousins from his mother's side, whose name was Fazlollah, also adopted the Zahedi surname at his urging. General Fazlollah Zahedi later played an important role in the 1953 coup de tat that brought Mohammad Reza Shah back to power In Iran. He became prime minister and his son, Ardeshir Zahedi married the Shah's daughter and served as ambassador to the United States and the Court of Saint James.

Mirza Mehdi married twice and had seven children. Mostafa, Parviz, Faramarz, Iran, Simin, and Parvin are among them.

Mostafa Zahedi with his wife Zohd-Afagh had two sons named Farhad and Mehdi and their daughters were Parvaneh, Pooran, Tooran, and Mahin.



Another son of Habibollah (Majd-ol-Atteba) was named Mirza Mohammad Ali . He received the title of Basir-ol-Homayoon from the shah. He had two sons named Abolghasem and Abolfath and one daughter named Fakhr-ol-Molook.

[1] Mirza, short for Amir Zadeh (Lit. Born to nobility), was a title of respect.

[2] Hakim was the title for doctors of medicine.

[3] Tonekabon is an area in Northern Iran by the southern shores of the Caspian Sea

[4] 13th century Persian mystic

[5] A title denoting pilgrimage to Mecca.

[6] Literally, the sun among physicians

[7] Lit. Great among physicians

[8] Lit. Rectifier of the state

[9] Iranian Parliament