Ed Margulies
VP, Computer Telephony Publishing
Flatiron Publishing

Electronic Marketing is a turn-of-the-century survival kit for companies big and small. Margo Komenar and her expert colleagues provide sound, practical advice for the "information age weary." Competitive distinction for your company means giving your clients instant access to information. In short, Electronic Marketing teaches the principles of turning your data "inside-out" and targeting it properly. Individualism, speed and accuracy are the calling card of today's "customer centric" enterprise. Margo's book shows you how to do it. Read it and survive.

Annie Van Bebber
Vice President

"A must read in a new era of marketing....the professionals involved in the case studies are truly the pioneers of Electronic Marketing"

Garry Hornbuckle
Director, Developer Technology Services
Apple Computer

I found Electronic Marketing to live up to its billing: comprehensive, practical information. What that struck me most was the applicability of this information beyond just marketing. It's really about building relationships with customers using the new communications technologies. Engaging, timely, accurate, interactive, "just in time" post-sales technical support is as important to the sales cycle as pre-sales information and activities. I will be making it required reading for my staff!

Lynn B. Upshaw
Brand Consultant and Author of "Building Brand Identity"
Upshaw & Associates

"It's all here. Margo Komenar has written and assembled a wonderfully complete, well-written, thoroughly useful treasure of facts and important insight. Electronic Marketing is a must read for ALL marketers, whether they are currently using electronic selling tools, or if they just hope to keep up with the rest of world. I guarantee that those who read this book will use it for the rest of their careers."

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