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Excerpt from Electronic Marketing,Chapter 11:

Network 1.0 was formed in the beginning of 1996 to provide marketing services and sales representation to Internet sites seeking interactive advertisers. They were set up to focus on accounts or sites, that have a business-to-business commercial and technology orientation. Network 1.0 assembled a group of sites to represent which reflect that focus. These sites, or companies include AT&T Business Network, IDG's Netscape World, which is a Web zine, or Web magazine, Who?Where? and Netscape itself. The Netscape representation is shared with another firm in the industry so that Network 1.0 was given responsibility for about 50% of the advertising market.

In the second quarter of 1996, Network 1.0 merged its sales operations and site management relationships with SoftBank Interactive Marketing. SoftBank Interactive Marketing will incorporate or combine the selling activities and the site management responsibilities of Network 1.0, Ziff Interactive, which represents the ZD-Net Technology Group of sites, and a company called Interactive Marketing based in Los Angeles, which represents Yahoo, the NFL, NBC Intelecast, Playboy, and some other sites. Together the three sales organizations will be integrated to a single sales organization and represent the largest group of sites and advertising inventory on the Internet.

In just months after launching Network 1.0, the company was catapulted into a leading position in the industry. SoftBank Interactive Marketing will represent over 1 billion advertising impressions on the Internet a month, according to Ted West, former President and CEO of Network 1.0, and now the new President and COO of SoftBank Interactive. West states,

"We'll be fielding the largest combined interactive media sales organization in the industry, and as we add a few more carefully selected sites to the portfolio, we expect to be in a position to lead the development of the interactive media business."

SoftBank Interactive will do pre-market, market and post-market work for sites. Pre-market work refers to the consulting and professional service provided in developing and marketing advertising products on the Internet. A product must be clearly defined. The rate card, marketing and collateral materials need to be designed along with traffic building and promotional programs to support the development of the site.

The second set of services SoftBank Interactive provides is actual sales representation in taking the site to market and to the appropriate or targeted potential advertising accounts and their ad agencies. For some clients, the company also provides custom design services for promotional programs.

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