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Smart Card Forum
Bob Gilson
Executive Director
3030 Rocky Point Drive West, Suite 680
Tampa, Florida 33607

Tel: 813-286-2339
Fax 813-281-8752

The Smart Card Forum is a US-based organization that was established in 1993 to bring the industry leaders and active participants together to promote industry growth and success. Jean T. McKenna, President of the Smart Card Forum, describes the purpose of the organization:

The Smart Card Forum was formed to accelerate the widespread acceptance of smart cards that support multiple applications by bringing together in an open environment leading users and technologists from both the public and private sector. Membership in the Forum has rapidly grown, doubling in the past year, and now exceeds 225 members from both the public and private sector in North America and other geographic regions.

"At its inception the Forum's goal was to promote interoperability across appropriate business applications as well as facilitate market trials. More recently, education in the marketplace, the development of business proposition and public policy issues have been added to these goals. Research on consumer and merchant interest has been undertaken and we have published and made available to a wide audience positions on privacy and Regulation E. The market for smart cards is experiencing significant growth with the recognition that the technology provides a platform for organizations to package products and services that meet the needs of individual customers.

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