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32 Avenue of the Americas
New York, N.Y. 10013-2412

AT&T WorldNet Service:1-800 WorldNet
AT&T EasyCommerce Services
AT&T Easy World Wide Web: (Site Hosting)
Easy Link Services &
Creative Alliance Program:
(Site Designers)
AT&T New Media Services: 1-800-285-5551
AT&T Toll-Free Directories:1-800-426-8686
AT&T International Helpline:1-888-288-4685
Dialing from non-AT&T Direct countries:1-810-262-6644
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AT&T is the world's networking leader, providing voice, data, and Internet services to businesses and consumers, and government agencies. Our global network carries 185 million voice, data, video and facsimile messages every business day. AT&T Labs engages in basic research as well as product and service development. AT&T also offers a general-purpose credit card and financial services. AT&T does business in some 200 countries.

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