Chapter 6 Overview

by William Austad & Paul Brobst

Chapter 6 focuses on Fax-On-Demand, one of the most broadly accessible information delivery vehicles in businesses today. Bill Austad and Paul Brobst are expert consultants and authors of the books, Fax-On-Demand, Marketing Tool of the 90's and How to Profit From Fax-On-Demand, a Manager's Guide to Delivering Information by Fax. Austad and Brobst present a range of creative marketing and support applications in areas such as real estate, publishing, product promotion and support, and the delivery of timely financial information, and more. The demand for custom designed and enhanced fax systems is on the rise, and Austad and Brobst discuss features such as interactive voice response, E-mail selection, conversion and Web linking. Stand-alone and networked systems, options and costs are explored, and a step-by-step planning and delivery process is provided. A company survey is included to assist businesses in evaluating the need and possible applications for a fax-on-demand system.


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