Chapter 4 Overview

Supporting Your Presence
by Margo Komenar

In Chapter 4, Supporting Your Presence, I focus on the role of PR in the overall marketing mix. Public relations, or PR, utilizes the press media including print, radio, television and the online environment to get the word out and to manage the public and target audience image for client companies. PR is an often overlooked and under-rated component in designing a strategic marketing and maintenance plan. Well orchestrated PR, however, can mean the difference between success or failure of a product launch, control of damaging incident or industry rumors, projecting the desired and appropriate portrayal of a brand and corporate and product image. Each media needs to be approached differently, and consistent monitoring on the press media front can be a crucial asset to a company. Leading PR firms such as Pat Meier Associates, Torme & Kenney, Phase Two Strategies, Ketchum Communications, Oakridge Public Relations and On Target Communications share their expertise and case examples.

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