Chapter 3 Overview

Making It Legal
by Dianne Brinson & Mark Radcliffe

Electronic marketing has introduced a myriad of legal issues that companies would be well advised to understand. The online and digital electronic environment has made it extremely easy to copy and reprint published text and graphics. The nature of public access in the online world to such a wealth of information can lead users to believe it is there for the taking and re-using or re-publishing. It is not, unless specifically stated, and this issue along with many others worthy of consideration for marketers, designers, advertisers and consumers is presented in Chapter 3, Making It Legal, by Dianne Brinson and Mark Radcliffe, two top attorneys and authors in this field. Together, Dianne and Mark wrote and self-published two editions of the Multimedia Law Handbook and another book titled Multimedia Contracts. This chapter is an adapted excerpt from their June, 1996 edition of the Multimedia Law Handbook. Topics covered include: copyright law, patent law, trademarks, trade secrets, and online marketing.

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