Chapter 12 Overview

Industry Leaders: The Road Ahead
by Margo Komenar

The final chapter consists of interview excerpts from industry leaders who share their visions of the future. They include comments from Microsoft's Bill Gates, Institute of the Future's Paul Saffo, Michael Bloomberg of Bloomberg Financial Markets, Michael Rogers of Newsweek Interactive, SoftBank Interactive Marketing's President and COO Ted West, Michael Rogers, the VP of PostNewsweek New Media & Managing Editor of Newsweek InterActive, Daniel Miessau, CKS/Interactive's Director for Digital Multimedia and Dave Clauson, Managing Director of True North Technologies.

The Contributor's Resource Directory provides a wide variety of business resources for all of the topics covered, (plus a few others), in this book. The companies that have participated are the pioneers and visionaries building the electronic marketplace of today and preparing the infrastructures needed for tomorrow.

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