Chapter 11 Overview

How Businesses Use Electronic Marketing
by Margo Komenar

In Chapter 11, How Businesses are Using Electronic Marketing, I present a variety of case studies rich in useful information and experiences shared by a mix of small entrepreneurial companies and major corporate leaders. AT&T leads off with an overview of their online strategies, and follows with a detailed description of each of their new online services. Explanations of AT&T's WorldNet Service, New Media Service's Business Network, newly merged with Industry Net to form Nets Inc., AT&T's Personal Online Services and AT&T's Easy Commerce Services are all explained with the help of six top AT&T executives. Other companies profiled include SoftBank Interactive Marketing, a company that represents the largest group of Web sites and advertising inventory on the Internet; Womanhood, Inc., a specialized resource for women on the Web; InfoStreet, a small electronic publishing and Internet marketing company (including a number of "Project Briefs" and a Web Weaving estimate sheet); Cary August Productions & Publishing, a small music publishing and band Web site production company; Great Escapes, a home-based full-service travel agency launched by two women (over sixty); Southwind Enterprises, Inc., an innovative direct-email company; and Yinspire, Inc., an Internet company targeting the world's non-technical majority and implementing a unique business model in which both the internal team and the community can benefit from the overall financial success of the company.


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