Chapter 1 Overview

Defining Your Market
by Solange Van Der Moer

The opportunities for marketing, expanding and building new businesses based on interactivity and sophisticated database technology are vast. The information shared by industry leaders and topic experts is intended to provide the reader with guidance and tools for educated participation in the interactive electronic marketplace.

Chapter 1, Defining Your Market, discusses the nature of effective market research and the questions marketers and businesses should explore when preparing to launch or market products and services, especially into the new electronic marketing channels. Solange Van Der Moer brings over 20 years of marketing and sales experience in the computer, cable and entertainment industries as well as her position as co-founder and Senior Partner of Infinity Marketing Group, a full-service marketing agency, to writing this chapter. Her expertise spans market research through public relations, distribution and sales. Each of these topics is discussed here along with real-life applications and case examples that include HotWired, KidSoft, Levi Strauss, Yahoo!, Ralph Lauren, Chrysler Plymouth, and @vantage, the Gartner Group Online.

Due diligence in defining and researching your primary and secondary target audiences, factoring in trends and fads, and positioning in the appropriate market channels are critical to the success of a business. The questions surrounding how these definitions are arrived at and how the research results are interpreted and applied bring up key issues that are addressed by Van Der Moer. This due diligence process is the first step to effectively entering or remaining strong in the marketplace, electronic or otherwise. This chapter is a basic component in the foundation for the chapters that follow.

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