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Strategic Electronic Marketing can harness the power of today's technology to propel a company of any size farther into the worldwide market than at any other time in history. Find out how companies are using a range of media to market their products and services with the commercial online and Internet marketing programs, CD-ROM catalogs and print publication bundles, interactive kiosks, smart cards, and fax-on-demand.

Interview excerpts from industry leaders who share their visions of the future include comments from Microsoft's Bill Gates, Institute of the Future's Paul Saffo, Michael Bloomberg of Bloomberg Financial Markets, Michael Rogers of Newsweek Interactive, SoftBank Interactive Marketing's President and COO Ted West, Michael Rogers, the VP of PostNewsweek New Media & Managing Editor of Newsweek InterActive, Daniel Miessau, CKS/Interactive's Director for Digital Multimedia and Dave Clauson, Managing Director of True North Technologies.

In this book you'll find out:

  • What questions you should explore before launching or marketing products and services into the new electronic marketing channels. Real-life applications and case examples include HotWired, KidSoft, Levi Strauss, Yahoo!, Ralph Lauren, and Chrysler Plymouth.
  • What you should know about the legal issues of electronic and online commerce, marketing and advertising - the copyright , patent , and trademark laws, trade secrets, and rules for the Internet.
  • What you should know about interactive advertising from experts like Saatchi & Saatchi, Ketchum Interactive and CKS/Interactive.
  • What you should know about the technologies and marketing potential of debit cards, the electronic purse, and smart cards with strategies shared by VISA, Schlumberger and Mondex.
  • How to develop and design effective interactive kiosks with examples from Levi 501 jeans, Reebok on tour, multimedia telephones, and the Missouri Botanical Gardens online.
  • How both large and small companies are using electronic marketing

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