Hawaiian Lomi Lomi

My specialty! Passed down through the Royal Hawaiian families for centuries, this ancient technique was made available to "Outsiders" through Autine Margaret. The combination of non-invasive deep-musculature compression work, breathing, stretching, and long forearm strokes enhances circulation, lymphatic drainage, and deep muscle release. Be prepared for total bliss!
Recommended Time: 1.5 hour massage

Deep Tissue

Using the deep pressure of elbows and long strokes, Deep Tissue facilitates breaking up scar tissue from both injuries, previous surgery, and chronic areas of pain and tension. Because I usually focused on one specific area in Deep Tissue, extra time may be necessary to address the entire body.
Recommended Time: 1.5 hours for greatest benefit, especially if it's been more than two months between massages


Reflexology is an ancient Chinese modality involving light to firm pressure at the reflex points of the feet that correspond to the organs and systems of the body. In calming the nervous system, the body resets its equilibrium and operates at a lower level of stress— and that means less wear and tear on the body. Clients report easing of stomach pains, relief of intestinal discomfort, balancing of hormones and more. Consistency provides the greatest result.

Outcall Services

Outcall based on availability. Price varies depending on location and set up. Please call directly to inquire. All massages will include a blend of Swedish, Lomi Lomi and Reflexology and now Myofascial Release for the hips. I also incorporate the use of essential oils or oil blends and therapeutic salves to further aid in pain relief and deeper relaxation. Moist heat therapy can also be used upon request.


$85 for 60 minutes
$125 for 90 minutes

*Please be aware that therapeutic massage can break old scar tissue, causing soreness and bruise-like symptoms. Symptoms usually dissipate within two days. Please drink large quantitiies of water to assist in flushing out toxins.