At Relax Your Body, we're dedicated to providing you with professional service and exceptional bodywork—and now it's available in your own place of business. Show your employees and top producers how much you appreciate their hard work by giving them a massage session at the office on a specially designed massage chair. Performed fully clothed, it's the perfect way to get through the work day and relieve common symptoms of stress like headache, neck and shoulder pain, numbness and tingling.

Call now for a price quote! Cost depends on duration of visit; 2.5 hour minimum per visit.

Testimonials from Liz's Onsite Massage clients:

  • "I noticed a palpable change in my ability to deal with particularly intense patient calls directly after a 20-minute massage. I was able to reduce my internal anxiety, which gave me a greater capacity to assist my clients."
  • "I usually have numbness in my hands from computer overuse. It's incredible that after a 20-minute massage with Liz, I regain bloodflow and can concentrate on my tasks. A must-have in any office!"