You Can Thank Me Later

About the Crew

Shimon Dotan, Producer and Director, has created films that have enjoyed both critical acclaim and commercial success. His debut directing effort, Repeat Dive, which chronicles Dotan’s own experiences as a member of Israel’s elite Navy Commando unit, won three Israeli Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Director, and was selected for the official competition at the Berlin Film Festival. His 1986 film The Smile of the Lamb, won numerous awards including the Silver Bear at Berlin and six Israeli Academy Awards, including those for Best Director and Best Picture. In 1991, Dotan helmed The Finest Hour, starring Rob Lowe, Tracey Griffith and Gale Hanson. Warriors, a commercially-successful feature was directed by Dotan in 1994 and starred Academy Award nominee Gary Busey and Michael Pare’. Prior to You Can Thank Me Later, Dotan directed Coyote Run (re-titled Sworn Enemies in North America), starring Peter Greene, Macha Grenon and Michael Pare’. The critics have been very receptive and praising of Dotan’s fine work, calling it “visually stunning and lyrical… of breathtaking beauty and power”. The Hollywood Reporter considered Repeat Dive “a gripping study of the psychological effects upon those who live in a country where war and death are a constant reality.” The Los Angeles Times said that Dotan “has a keen eye for capturing a flickering spark of repressed emotions,” ensuring that a film with the emotional impact of You Can Thank Me Later is in very good hands.

Netaya Anbar, Producer and Editor, is a co-founder of Cinequest Films and has been partners with Shimon Dotan since the company was founded in 1992. Anbar received her training at The London International Film School and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Anbar, an award-winning film editor (Cultural Pleasures - Israeli Film Board), has been at the editing table of all of Cinequest Films productions, assuring an uncompromising touch at the most critical phase of the filmmaking. Some of Anbar’s editing credits include The Smile of the Lamb, The Finest Hour, Warriors and Coyote Run.

Amnon Salomon, Director of Photography, is one of the founders of Israel’s film industry and one of its most respected DOP’s. In 1984, the film Behind the Walls, about Arabs and Israelis in prison, was nominated for an Academy Award in large part due to his inspired camera work. It was legendary French director Claude Chabrol’s work on The Cousins that influenced Salomon to enter the film world while he was in the army. Salomon later attended the IDEC film school in Paris, knowing nothing at all about cinematography, after which he worked at Israel’s GEVA Studios. The Veteran just received a lifetime achievement award in his homeland for his 35-year contribution to the industry there. In all, Salomon has DOPd some 55 films. Salomon met Producer-Director Shimon Dotan on The Milky Way, which screened at the World Film Festival in Montreal this past summer. They are planning to work together again in the future.

Oren Safdie, Screenwriter, has had many plays produced in New York and Montreal, including his most recent Jews and Jesus, which sold out at Montreal’s Comedy Nest and ran Off Broadway at the West Bank Theater. The Montreal Gazette wrote of his play “Slick, fast-paced, razor-sharp humour…” New York Newsday described Safdie’s characters as “brilliantly-funny…could have walked out of a Philip Roth novel.” And Robert Brustein of The New Republic wrote “Very witty and provocative… touching on important issues of family in America today.” Safdie has also worked closely with the Canadian government in presenting the country’s theater to New York. He is the recipient of the Woolrich Post-Graduate Fellowship at Columbia University and is presently Playwright-in-Residence at La MaMa E.T.C. in New York. You Can Thank Me Later is Safdie’s first produced screenplay.


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